Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee houston texas

chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee houston texas

Apr 24,  · Office of The United States Trustee Rusk Street, Suite Houston, TX Link to Map Phone: () Facsimile: () Important Notice U.S. TRUSTEE PROGRAM EXTENDS TELEPHONIC SECTION MEETINGS TO CASES FILED THROUGH JULY 10, Friday, April 24, Chapter 13 Trustee: Hillcroft, Suite Houston, TX (Use this address for correspondence: or any Overnight or Express Mail) Mail Ch13 Payments to: David G. Peake: Chapter 13 Trustee: PO Box Memphis, TN Do not send cash or personal checks. United States Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Texas Harlin D. Hale, Chief Judge | Robert P. Colwell, Clerk of Court. Search form. Search this site Chapter 13 Trustees. Dallas - Tom Powers. Fort Worth - Tim Truman. Fort Worth- Pam Bassel. Abilene, Amarillo.

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How Does A #Chapter 13 #Bankruptcy Case Work

All emails should be directed to Barbara at. For inquiries on cases that have not had a. Ext - - Barbara Dept. If you have received a notice of creditors. If there is not a name in the case yet, you. If you can not log in you may dial and the. Receptionist will direct your call. Dept Supervisor - Pre-Confirmation. Peggy Dept. Supervisor - Post-Confirmation. If you are calling in regards to an Ongoing Monthly Mortgage Payment being paid by the Trustee, please call:. Michelle Dept Supervisor.

Debtors and Creditors calling on confirmed cases,. Authorized Users Log-In Here. You can use Chapter 13 to prevent a house foreclosure; make up missed car or mortgage payments; pay back taxes; stop interest from accruing on your tax debt local, Texas state, or federal ; keep valuable non-exempt property see Texas exemptions ; and more. If you can stick to the terms of your repayment agreement, all your remaining dischargeable debt will be released at the end of the plan typically three to five years.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is generally used by debtors who want to keep secured assets, such as a home or car, when they have more equity in the secured assets than they can protect with their Texas bankruptcy exemptions. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a reorganization whereas Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a liquidation. If you walk into a sports bar anywhere in Houston, chances are that you will overhear a conversation about the coaching staff of the Astros, Rockets or Texans.

After all, a successful season is largely dependent upon good coaching. Similarly, a successful Houston bankruptcy tends to depend upon solid credit counseling. Credit counseling is intended to make sure that you know all of your options before moving forward with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Houston. You may be able to take credit counseling online or at various locations in Houston, depending on your preferences and session availability. While online courses are convenient, speaking with a fellow Texan about how to make your financial situation work given the unique challenges of living in the Lone Star State may be particularly helpful.

When choosing a credit counseling program, take care that it has been approved by the state or it will not satisfy this requirement. When thinking about how to file bankruptcy in Houston, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork involved in this process. Please take heart. Yes, there is a lot of paperwork involved in filing for bankruptcy. You will primarily be asked about information regarding your debts, expenses, income and assets, which you will have easy access to after gathering all your documents discussed above.

Filling out these forms may feel uncomfortably personal, but keep powering through it and keep in mind that you have to truthfully answer all questions. Remember that all the financial information you are providing is helping you to file a successful Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Houston and secure a fresh financial start for you and your family.

Filing bankruptcy in Houston usually requires a filing fee. However, certain low-income filers may qualify for a fee waiver.

Chances are that if the fee seems impossibly high to you, you may qualify for a fee waiver anyway. When filing for Houston bankruptcy, you will not be able to complete the entire process online.

All of the forms will need to be physically printed out. Commercial service providers like Kinkos and Staples can print them for a small fee. Another easy way to print bankruptcy forms is to visit a local branch of the Houston public library. With 31 neighborhood library branches to choose from around Houston, this may be your most convenient option for printing the forms you need to file bankruptcy in Houston. Whether you live and work in midtown or uptown, Houston Heights or the Museum District, Montrose or Rice Village, chances are that you enjoy exploring all that Houston has to offer.

Houston is part of the Southern District of Texas, so the courthouse where you will need to file your Texas bankruptcy case is located in the federal district courthouse at Rusk Street. The courthouse is a massive beige cube with many windows, and it can seem imposing at first glance. But as long as you bring an ID and your forms for filing bankruptcy in Houston and you don't mind walking through a metal detector as you would at George Bush Intercontinental Airport , you should have nothing to worry about.

When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Houston, the Bankruptcy Court will appoint a Trustee to oversee and handle your case. This individual will receive a minor fee for examining your bankruptcy petition and conducting a short meeting of creditors in which you will be asked questions about your financial situation under oath. Before your Trustee can perform these duties, they must be given copies of your paperwork.

You will need to send copies of certain documents to your Trustee after filing bankruptcy in Houston before your case can proceed. In addition to the credit counseling requirement, you have to take a so-called debtor education course before your Houston bankruptcy case can be finalized and your discharge order entered.

The purpose of the course is to make sure that you have the financial education you need to regain your financial footing after your Texas bankruptcy is done.

chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee houston texas

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