Chapter 13 bankruptcy discharge class online

chapter 13 bankruptcy discharge class online

Apr 01,  · Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows a debtor with a regular income to create a repayment plan to repay his debts over a three- to five- year period. Filing this type of bankruptcy does not require . Start your bankruptcy education course with today. Our financial professionals provide pre-filing credit counseling courses and bankruptcy classes online. Before an individual files for a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy, he or she must receive credit counseling from an approved agency. In addition, before a bankruptcy is discharged, the individual must attain a personal finance management course known as debtor education.

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A Better Financial Education, Inc. Abel Credit Counseling Services, Inc. Academy of Financial Literacy, Inc.

Access Counseling, Inc. Advantage Credit Counseling Service, Inc. Advisory Credit Management, Inc. Alliance Credit Counseling, Inc. American Bureau of Credit Services, Inc.

American Consumer Credit Counseling, Inc. Arbor Investments LTD. Atlantic Credit Foundation, Inc. BK Education Services W. Black Hills Children's Ranch, Inc. Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. ClearPoint Financial Solutions, Inc. Community Credit Counselors, Inc. Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling, Inc. Consumer Credit Counseling Service, Inc.

Consumer Credit Management Services, Inc. Consumer Debt Counselors, Inc. Consumer Education Services, Inc. Credit Card Management Services, Inc. Congress Ave. Debt Counseling Corp. Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp. Debt Reduction Services, Inc. Debtor Ed, Inc. Family Service Agency, Inc. Bankruptcy Court Filing never ever shares your information with others. It is only used to prepare your bankruptcy and to provide you email support.

We also never send you unsolicited email. Order our full service product. You can pay by bank debit card or by credit card. If you do not have a bank account you can use a pre-paid Visa or MasterCard card readily available at any grocery store. Log in to our secure customer site and enter your basic information in our easy online intake questionnaire.

It should take about 30 minutes to complete but if you need to, you can take days to do it. You do not need to have all your bills at the beginning.

You can start with the bills you know about and then log back in later and continue where you left off. If you need it, you can get your free annual credit report for the link on our secure site. When you are done entering your information, you let us know and we immediately start preparing the documents for you. When the documents are ready, you download them from the Bankruptcy Court Filing secure site and then sign and file them with the court.

We provide you all the information you will need to file your bankruptcy forms, including the location and contact information for the court in your area.

On filing your bankruptcy, the court clerk will give you a date and location for the creditor meeting. It is usually about four week later.

The creditor meeting is easy and should last only a minute or less. In any case, Bankruptcy Court Filing provides you on its secure site, information on what to expect and what to bring with you to the meeting. After the creditor meeting, you simply wait a few weeks for the discharge notice from the court.

It is that simple. Once you get the discharge notice, you are debt- free. In the meantime and through it all, Bankruptcy Court Filing is constantly there for you ready to answer your question and to assist you. If you have any questions, you contact us night and day.

Our customer service does not stop when you get your discharge. You would be surprised how many people come back a year after the discharge to add bills that they had forgotten. Whatever the issue is, we are always there for you.

You can read all about our customer benefits on the secure customer-only site once you become a customer. On the secure site Bankruptcy Court Filing covers such topics as what to do about reaffirming debts , keeping up your car and mortgage payments, using the ask-a-lawyer benefit and more. Everything went as you said that it would. There were no creditors at the hearing. The trustee asked us if we were sure we wanted to reaffirm the car.

We said yes and just like that…it was over. Thanks for a job well done. You may not realize it but you saved our lives We got our discharge notice last month and we can only say, Thanks! Our dedicated support staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you. When you want it done right Sit back and let us do it for you. The best bankruptcy web site on the internet Our documents have been praised for quality by numerous bankruptcy court clerks. This is not do it yourself Bankruptcy Court Filing experts prepare all the forms for you so that all you do is sign your name and file them.

All you do is Free Husband and Wife Joint Filing. You can file alone or with a spouse. If you are filing jointly with a spouse, your spouse files for free. There is more work for us when there are two people filing but Bankruptcy Court Filing does not charge you any extra.

Court Filing Fee Waiver. If you earn low income, we will include the court filing fee waiver paperwork so that you will have to pay the court filing fee. Bankruptcy Means Test Included Our documents include everything you need for the means test forms. Exemptions Included. The completed documents include the bankruptcy exemptions specific to your state, thus allowing you to keep all your belongings.

You no longer have to worry about losing your house or your cars or any other thing that you own. You Choose Debts You choose which debts to get rid of and which ones to repay. Reaffirmation Agreements Bankruptcy Court Filing provides you free reaffirmation agreement paperwork to enable you to pay pennies on the dollar for the secured creditors that you want to keep.

Unlimited Creditors You can list an unlimited number of creditors with us at no extra cost. Free Credit Report If you need to see your credit report, you can. Easy Data Intake Giving us your information is very easy. Free Ask-a-Lawyer If you need to ask a lawyer questions, we provide you access to lawyer who will answer your questions at no cost.

Exceptional Quality Our full service bankruptcy product produces the highest quality bankruptcy filing because our trained bankruptcy experts focus their attention on every important detail. Means Test Qualification Most importantly, for chapter 7 our experts make sure all the means test calculations are performed perfectly to the requirements for discharge.

Full Money-Back Guarantee We back our work with a written performance guarantee. It Includes Everything Our prepared chapter 7 bankruptcy forms set is complete. Court Filing Fee Waiver If you earn low income, you do not have to pay the court filing fee. Reaffirming Debts There are times when you want to keep some debts beyond bankruptcy.

Security Bankruptcy Court Filing takes the issue of security very seriously. Privacy The Bankruptcy Court Filing privacy policy is simple.

chapter 13 bankruptcy discharge class online

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