Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney phoenix

chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney phoenix

Phoenix Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Looking for a lawyer for your Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Phoenix? For individuals and families living with tremendous amounts of debt, creditor harassment and the threat of repossession, foreclosure, wage garnishment and other legal action, there are options to help provide you with the relief you need and deserve. Seek out the guidance of a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney to find out if your particular situation may be right for debt relief protection of filing chapter 13 bankruptcy in Scottsdale, Arizona. Bankruptcy filing rates in Scottsdale and throughout Maricopa County are on the rise. Let a Phoenix Arizona bankruptcy lawyers from Phoenix Fresh Start Bankruptcy Attorneys come to your rescue when you are drowning in debt. Our experienced Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer can save you from medical bills, job loss, predatory loans, credit card debt, debt collectors, lawsuits, maybe even student loans by filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

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At the same time, he ensures that the repayment plans meet the requirements of the bankruptcy code and rules of procedure. A Chapter 13 Trustee also has the responsibility of receiving monthly payments from debtors and distributing the funds according to the bankruptcy code, federal rules of bankruptcy procedure and local rules of bankruptcy procedure. The purpose of this website is to serve as a resource to the chapter 13 community. This website disseminates information to interested parties about Chapter 13 but is not an encouragement for an individual to file a bankruptcy petition.

Please note that the trustee and his staff do not provide legal advice. A bankruptcy trustee does not represent debtors or creditors. Parties in a bankruptcy case needing legal advice should retain a professional to represent them. Filing a Chapter 13 petition suspends any current foreclosure proceedings and payment of any other debts owed.

This buys time while the court considers the plan, but it does not eliminate the debt. In , Congress created a new bankruptcy law. The new bankruptcy law says, if anyone who files for Chapter 7 must show that their monthly income is below the average income for people in their area. If not, a Phoenix chapter 13 bankruptcy may be best for you. We can get the process started very quickly and start protecting you right away regarding many of your debts, including foreclosure of your home.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases usually take 3 to 5 years to complete, depending on the kind of debt you have as well as the amount. Your role in the process will be to make monthly payments during that time.

You will also need to attend a few simple administrative hearings. Office Hours Monday thru Friday: am — pm. As valued clients and members of our community, we appreciate the trust you place in our legal teams who are working diligently on your matters during this time of uncertainty.

We recognize the important role our continued guidance plays in your family law, bankruptcy, and litigation cases and we are committed to keeping you informed. We know this is a tough situation and, as you prepare for this unprecedented time, we want you to know that we are here for you. So you are aware:. Our employees will have full access to the documents, phones, and systems they need so long as they have internet access.

Each of our employees is acutely aware of the importance of keeping your information safe. We are exchanging e-filing information among attorneys and staff so we are ready to assist on litigation deadlines should the need arise. We are exchanging current workloads and deadlines among paralegals and attorneys to ensure that all files are accounted for in the event that someone gets sick.

We are fortunate to have multiple attorneys across all of our practice areas and we regularly work as a team as a part of our practice. We truly appreciate the confidence you place in us and thank you for continuing to give us the opportunity to support you. Please know that as this situation evolves, one thing will remain constant: we are here for you.

How Long Will a Chapter 13 Take?

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