Ccs university result 2013 bankruptcy

ccs university result 2013 bankruptcy

By Frank J. Borgese, Esq., Partner at Graham & Borgese, LLP Default Judgments-Every month in New York State there are tens of thousands of lawsuits filed by alleged creditors ("plaintiffs") against consumers ("defendants"). It is estimated that upwards of 90% or more of these lawsuits result in default judgments for the plaintiffs (meaning the person who was sued did not even appear to defend. debt exposure and the possibility of a very costly bankruptcy. Thus, brilliant ideas, high motivation, patience, and fortitude are all required from future entrepreneurs. At the same time, the set of alternatives grows with education. A position in government administration is only one such alternative, but it . In order to pursue a successful claim to discharge the loans in bankruptcy a student loan holder should be able to show (1) a current inability to repay the loans, (2) a future inability to repay the loans, and (3) a good faith effort to repay the loans.

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