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Democratic government returned officially to Spain after a referendum approved a new constitution and the Nobel prize for literature was won by the Polish-born American writer Isaac Bashevis Singer. On Sept.

Moon was born on August 23, By the time he was in his teens, was already turning heads as a drummer. His joining the Who was nothing short of perfect. He added a much needed component to their equation, acting as the comic foil to the often very serious Pete Townshend.

And what a ride! Unlike the subtle, yet effective, approach of contemporaries like Charlie Watts or the rock solid Ringo Starr, Moon took an entirely different sensibility to the drum kit, inspiring countless future musicians along the way.

Add in bassist extraordinaire John Entwistle, and the Who had themselves a rhythm section with the range of an orchestra. Ironically, his death was caused from an overdose of pills that were intended to combat his ongoing alcoholism.

The medication was primarily a sedative, only a handful of which would have caused death. Police reports indicate that he took nearly a third of his pill prescription. While Moon was no stranger to chemical intake, he never hit on hard drugs, prefering alcohol and pills to be his demon.

I suppose he was designed in such a way to be remembered as he was. The tales of his crazed behavior is the stuff of legend, but 32 is far too young for him to have checked out.

Having burst on the test scene aged 21, taking a more than creditable 5 — 74, and scoring 25 in his one knock, he was soon a fixture in the side.

Mike Brearley, his captain, called him a colossus; Wasim Bari the opposition captain described him as a magnificent cricketer, and so he certainly was. It began in when on June 10 the Oxford boat won , and became an annual thing in Since then the varsity boat race has been part of our sporting calendar, though given as has frequently been pointed out the same two teams always get to the final, and that results that go against form are infrequent, it rarely offers fingernail biting tension.

But on six occasions in its history the boat race has managed to spring the surprise of a sinking, the first time in , and the most recent in In both boats sank, forcing a re-rowing on the following Monday. For some reason the sinking that most stays in the memory was that in Past Chiswick Steps Oxford had a lead, but at about a boat length it was nowhere near as much as experts had expected, giving the Cambridge crew hope of a comeback over the last stages.

But it was not to be. Through Barnes Bridge and to observers the end for the Cambridge boat was all but inevitable. Their stroke realised first, or at least allowed himself to believe what he was seeing. He waved his arms above his head to signal the bitter end.

For some reason while Oxford had sensibly fitted splash-boards to their boat, Cambridge had gambled that they could do without them. They were wrong. Water from the rough surface of the Thames splashed over their boat and filled it.

TV crews had a field day. For the first time since we were being treated to the sight not just of muscular and brilliant young men — Hugh Laurie one of them in for example, and the ill-fated mountaineer Sandy Irvine in and - in a test of character, endurance and skill, but of those same chaps ignominiously sinking. Was it unsporting of Oxford to refuse a re-match? Not really, they were leading even with the extra weight of the splash-boards.

And the Thames that March weekend was a pretty blustery spot. There were no drownings by the way. In Phil Redmond failed to persuade ITV that his idea had legs; but the BBC was less short-sighted, and in early the first episode of a commissioned nine was broadcast.

In the end the series ran for 30 years. Grange Hill was something that senior school pupils could identify with far better than variations on The Famous Five. The programme eased its way in at first, but eventually storylines included rape, bullying including some of a very heavy face-slashing sort, and famously heroin addiction. The tough stuff was often balanced by comedic elements, though not always perhaps intentional — Rowland — that provided real dramatic contrast.

The show was a proving ground for acting and production talent over the years, with Todd Carty and Susan Tully both graduating to Eastenders and beyond; Anthony Minghella working as a script editor on it early in his career; even TV presenter and DJ Reggie Yates acting in it. Most significantly it launched the career of Redmond, who later developed Brookside and Hollyoaks, and helped rescue Emmerdale from oblivion with a controversial storyline, a technique not unknown in Grange Hill.

IVF — in vitro fertilisation — is now regarded as almost commonplace, though with many ethical issues still hotly debated. But when Louise Joy Brown was born, a healthy baby weighing 5lb 12oz, it was world news.

Patrick Steptoe, a consultant gynaecologist, and Robert Edwards, a research physiologist, had been developing their techniques in the field of in vitro in glass fertilisation since the mids. They had found a successful way of fertilising eggs outside the womb, but once the egg had been returned to the mother the pregnancy would last a matter of weeks at best.

Lesley Brown, the year-old mother-to-be, had been unable to conceive because her fallopian tubes were blocked. She and husband John, 10 years her senior, had agreed to the experimental procedure, desperate to have a child. But this time the egg stayed in place, grew, and the pregnancy continued with little or no concern until nine days before the expected due date, when Lesley Brown developed high blood pressure and it was decided to deliver the baby by caesarean section.

So at The creators fought the BBC to allow their series to be different: dubbing it drama to get permission to record in stereo; and lobbying to avoid the usual BBC radio comedy studio audience requirement. The first episode was broadcast on March 8 , less than a week after the production was finally completed. Word of mouth quickly saw to it that the programme gained a big following, and eventually cult status. It was a case that shocked the nation. On September 19 year-old Carl Bridgewater was nearing the end of his afternoon paper round when he delivered a newspaper at Yew Tree Farm near Stourbridge in Staffordshire.

As the occupants were disabled he, as previously, opened the back door to drop the paper on the kitchen table. On this occasion the elderly couple who lived in the farmhouse were absent. It appears he disturbed a burglary. Dragged to the sitting room he was murdered, shot in the head at point-blank range. The cold-blooded nature of the execution-style killing horrified all who heard about it. The police were under great public and political pressure to find the killer or killers.

But that pressure led to wrongdoing by at least one police officer involved in the investigation, and a gross miscarriage of justice. Following another similar burglary in the area Staffordshire Police rounded up four men, and after lengthy and allegedly violent interrogation one of them, petty crook Patrick Molloy, having been shown a confession by another of the gang, confessed himself, though he retracted his confession as soon as he was given access to a solicitor; nevertheless it was central to the conviction of Molloy and his three associates.

Scientific investigation of that first confession years later showed conclusively it had been fabricated, something one officer involved in the interrogations, the late DC John Perkins, was found in his subsequent career to have done on at least three other occasions.

After various failed appeals, the surviving three members of the so-called Bridgewater Four were released in February pending a further appeal, their convictions quashed in July of that year. Who really killed Carl Bridgewater is not yet known. The s was a decade when women in Britain not only secured greater rights, but also demonstrated by example the idiocy of sex discrimination.

Most notably of course Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister in ; but the year before Naomi James set a sporting record that made it harder for chauvinists to play the weaker sex card. James, New Zealander by birth but a resident of Devon when she set her record, was in her mid-twenties when she learned to sail, but before she was 30 she had become the first woman to circumnavigate the globe solo discounting the effort of a Pole who used the Panama Canal and sailed to and from the Canaries contrary to the accepted rules for the feat.

When she reached Dartmouth harbour just after 9am on June 8 Mrs James — soon made Dame Naomi for her achievement — shaved two days off the record set by Sir Francis Chichester. Following the so-called clipper route she had been at sea for days; had capsized; rounded Cape Horn; and lost her kitten overboard.

As a footnote, the techniques and technology of sailing changed rapidly over the next three decades: on February 7 Ellen Macarthur took the record after a voyage of Sid Vicious epitomised the extreme wing of punk music. By the autumn of Vicious had left the Sex Pistols. He and his girlfriend of well over a year Nancy Spungen, who some say introduced him to heroin, were living in New York, staying at the bohemian Chelsea Hotel.

On the morning of October 12 Vicious found his girlfriend in the bathroom; she had one stab wound to her abdomen, and had bled to death. Both had taken heroin the previous night; the knife that killed her was one bought by Sid.

The police who came to the hotel arrested the punk rock star. At various points he supposedly admitted knifing Nancy, but not having intended to kill her; and that somewhat improbably she had fallen on the blade. Others have put forward theories that a drug dealer delivering supplies had tried to rob the couple with Vicious out cold, and been disturbed by Nancy; or that another addict killed her.

Accident, suicide, or even according to some murder, as his mother allegedly later confessed to the deliberate administration of the fatal dose?

As with the murder of Nancy Spungen, his death remains a mystery, a sordid yet still tragic mystery. Nancy was 20 when she died; Vicious Georgi Markov was a man with many achievements to his name: he had been a successful novelist and short-story writer in his homeland of Bulgaria; after his defection in the s several of his plays were staged in Britain; and he became a broadcaster with the BBC and Radio Free Europe among others.

But it is for his mysterious death that he is best remembered. On September 7 Markov was waiting at a bus stop near Waterloo Bridge, en route to his job at the BBC, when he felt something sting his right thigh. Behind him a man was picking up an umbrella, apologising to Markov who thought little of the incident. The stranger hurried across the road to a taxi which whisked him away.

Later in the day Markov told a colleague or colleagues at the BBC what had happened. The pain in his leg had not gone away, and that evening a fever gripped him to such an extent that he was immediately hospitalised. Four days later he died. An autopsy revealed a tiny — 1. The hollow object pierced by two holes had contained ricin, a poison with no known antidote.

The ricin was kept in place by a coating over the holes, that coating designed to melt at body temperature. Markov had been assassinated, and in a very sophisticated manner. It was probably no coincidence that September 7, the day of the attack on the writer, was the birthday of Bulgarian leader Todor Zhivkov. It is not even clear that an umbrella gun was used — in a subsequent attack on another defector in Paris no umbrella was carried by the putative assassin.

It didn't take a police dog very long to locate Helen Rytka's body after Rita finally confessed to working as a prostitute and relayed the events of the night to the police. Ten minutes after the search of the timber yard in Great Northern Street began at pm on Friday, February 3rd, her body had been located in a narrow space behind a pile of timber and a disused garage.

She had been covered with a sheet of asbestos. Her clothes had been scattered over a wide area, one of her shoes was found twenty yards away. Her bra and black polo-neck jumper had been pushed up above her breasts, but other than her socks, all other clothing had been removed. There were three stab wounds to the chest, including indications of multiple stabs through the same wounds, and scratch marks on her chest. The Yorkshire Ripper is believed to have been responsible.

The police were left with several puzzles. To begin with, they found it inconceivable that her body would not have been discovered earlier by someone with her arm sticking out so obviously, unless it had been moved by a dog. As well a copy of the Daily Mirror, dated February 21st, exactly one month after the murder, was found under one of her arms, looking, apparently, deliberately placed.

Peter Sutcliffe would later deny that he had returned to the body, continuing the mystery. The second, and more important puzzle, was whether or not it was a Yorkshire Ripper killing. There were the massive head wounds, but Professor David Gee's examination led him to believe they had been caused by a boulder, and not a hammer. There weren't any stab wounds, but her clothing had been arranged in typical Ripper fashion, her bra and sweater above the breast, her other clothing dragged down.

At first, the police discounted it as a Ripper killing, but later it was included in his catalogue of murders and attacks. Both of the victims killed outside Yorkshire have been killed in Manchester. The tire tracks, with their common denominators of India Autoway cross-ply tires with a track width of 4' 2", were consistent with those found at the Richardson murder scene and at the Moore attack scene. This, coupled with the injuries the victim received, was convincing evidence that the Yorkshire Ripper had crossed the Pennines again and killed in Manchester for the second time.

Vera Millward was the last known attack of Peter Sutcliffe's in and was also the last murder or attack on a prostitute. The known attacks would not resume until April When they did, they took on an even more sinister pattern and similar to his earliest attacks.

Other than in Sutcliffe's mind, the victims would not be prostitutes, or even women who were in or near red-light areas. He would not try to pick them up in his car, nor, other than the first in the new series, would he engage them in conversation. No woman, no matter where in West Yorkshire, was safe from his trawling for a victim. Their manager Brian Clough, who guided their East Midlands rivals Derby County to the title six years ago, is only the second manager in history to lead two different clubs to top division title glory; the other was the late Herbert Chapman with Huddersfield Town and Arsenal during the interwar years.

Callaghan's chances of an election win are now looking brighter than they were four months ago, as the point Conservative lead has evaporated. Army Sergeant Walter Robinson "walks" across the English Channel in 11 hours 30 minutes, using home-made water shoes. Callaghan also announces that the Lib-Lab pact, formed 18 months ago when the government lost its majority, has reached its end. Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov is stabbed with a poison-tipped umbrella as he walks across Waterloo Bridge, London, probably on orders of Bulgarian intelligence; he dies 4 days later.

Carl is believed to have been shot dead after disturbing a burglary at the property. Mitchell wins the Nobel Prize in Chemistry "for his contribution to the understanding of biological energy transfer through the formulation of the chemiosmotic theory".

Inflation reaches a six-year low of 8. Financially troubled car-maker Chrysler sells its European operations, including the former Rootes Group factories in Britain, to French carmaker Peugeot. It is The Who's last album with Keith Moon as the drummer; Moon died twenty days after the release of this album.

The Bee Gees' Saturday Night Fever becomes the biggest-selling album of all time until overtaken in The first presenter is Jasper Carrott. Critics regard the comment as a veiled reference to people of colour, thus pandering to xenophobia and reactionary sentiment. However, Thatcher receives 10, letters thanking her for raising the subject and the Conservatives gain a lead against Labour in the opinion polls.

The sitcom is a direct spin-off from Porridge, starring Ronnie Barker as Norman Stanley Fletcher, newly released from the fictional Slade Prison where Porridge had been set. The programme airs for one series. The first episode is The Judas Game. Simpson, a seven-part British television series that dramatises the events leading to the abdication of King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom, who gave up his throne to marry the twice-divorced American Wallis Simpson.

Americas first satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral. This is also the year that the Microchip first developed which is the very early stages of PC's we all now use at work and at home. This was also the year of the Munich air disaster on 6th February in which 7 Manchester United Players died.

Sir Edmund Hillary reaches the South Pole. Elvis Presley is inducted into the Army. Brazil wins the World Cup in Sweden. European Economic Community Common Market starts operation. By there were over , Caribbean people living in London. Caribbean migrants often found homes in areas of slum or poor housing. One of these areas was Notting Hill in North Kensington. During the s, a strong Caribbean community had grown up in Notting Hill, many from Trinidad and Barbados.

At that time poverty, rootlessness, violence and crime were a part of life in North Kensington. Poor white families competed with poor Caribbeans for housing, a situation that was often exploited by unscrupulous landlords. From the early s, young White working-class 'Teddy Boys' began to turn hostile towards the growing numbers of Black families in the area. Right-wing groups exploited the situation. Fascist groups such as the Union for British Freedom set up branches in the district.

Sir Oswald Mosely, founder of the pre-war British Union of Fascists, held street-corner meetings in west London and further afield. Leaflets and wall slogans urged 'Keep Britain White'.

During the summer of , gangs of Teddy Boys became increasingly open about their aggressive intentions toward anyone who was Black. Youths smashed Caribbean cafs. Individuals were harassed. On the morning of 24 August, nine White youths assaulted five Black men in separate incidents in Shepherd's Bush and Notting Hill, seriously injuring three of them. The flight was carrying 44 people when it crashed soon after take-off. Many of those on board were sports journalists and members of the Manchester United football team who were on their way home after having qualified for the semifinals in the European Cup.

A total of 23 people died as a result of the crash, 8 of them were members of the Manchester United team. The pilot of the flight survived and was later charged with negligence as it was originally believe that a build-up of ice on the planes wings had caused the crash.

While there was some ice found on the wings it was determined that a build-up of slush on the runway was the major contributing factor in the crash as it stopped the plane from gaining enough speed for a proper take-off. The crash was a tragedy, especially for sports fans, as the loss of several very young and talented players was devastating. It took Manchester United nearly 10 years to rebuild the team and in they went on to win the European Cup.

Messages of sympathy poured in from around the world and clubs across the UK and Europe held two minutes silence at the games on the Saturday following the accident. Red Star Belgrade, the team the Manchester United side had beaten before the crash, suggested they be made honorary champions in the European Cup.

Another player, Duncan Edwards, died in hospital 15 days later. Manchester United battled to complete the season and reached the FA Cup final - where they were beaten by Bolton Wanderers. An investigation into the crash initially suggested pilot error, saying Captain James Thain had taken off without de-icing the wings. He was later cleared when it was found that the build-up of slush on the runway had prevented the plane taking-off.

New safety limits were subsequently introduced. Seven of them are Manchester United players: captain and left-back Roger Byrne aged 28 , centre-half Mark Jones aged 24 , right-half Eddie Colman aged 21 , centre-forward Tommy Taylor aged 26 , full-back Geoff Bent aged 25 , left-winger David Pegg aged 22 , and inside-forward Billy Whelan aged Eight of the nine sports journalists travelling on the plane are also killed, including the former Manchester City and England national football team goalkeeper Frank Swift.

Among the survivors are 10 United players and manager Matt Busby, who is reported to be seriously injured. Outside-right Johnny Berry and left-half Duncan Edwards are also reported to be in a serious condition. However, the victory is overshadowed by news from Munich that the condition of Duncan Edwards has deteriorated once more. Edwards, who was 21 and rated by many as the finest player in England, is the eighth Manchester United player to die. The first stretch of the motorway, due to open next year, will run from London to the Warwickshire-Northamptonshire border.

During the s, the remainder of the motorway will be built to give London an unbroken motorway link with Leeds some miles away. As life peerages could be bestowed on women, this Act allows for women to sit in the House of Lords for the first time. Both goals are scored by centre-forward Nat Lofthouse. Who invented the parking meter? American, Carl C. Magee, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is generally credited with originating the parking meter.

He filed for a patent for a "coin controlled parking meter" May 13, First parking meter in the world - The first parking meter was installed in Magees home town, Oklahoma City, on 16 July Bernie Ecclestone entered a pair of Connaughts for Ivor Bueb and Jack Fairman, with Ecclestone also named as a driver of the Fairman car in case he needed to take over the entry. It is credited with being one of the first authentic rock and roll songs produced outside the United States.

Graves of Sheffield ON at Scarborough. West Bromwich Albion finished fourth and the top five was completed by Manchester City. After the Munich air disaster, Manchester United won only one more league game and dipped to ninth place, although they did reach the FA Cup final, where they were beaten by Bolton Wanderers. Sheffield Wednesday propped up the First Division and were the first side to go down, being joined soon after by a Sunderland side who had enjoyed the longest run in the First Division totaling nearly 70 years.

For the half-marathon There were 6, runners in the Click here and enter the bib numbers see below for the full individual race results. Ottawa, M-Z Click here. Part C. Other Communities Alexandria to Magog Click here. Part D. Other Communities Maitland to Woodlawn Click here. The narc in the protective bodysuit upper central part of image was not careful enough and got so intoxicated on LSD dust that he had to be rushed to a hospital, saying that everything had turned into a "cartoon".

In the trial that occurred after Pickard's final arrest in October , the authorities alleged that at one point he had been producing approximately 2. These British flyers were completely unaware that that their journeys to freedom were orchestrated by the Nazis. Giskes was quoted by former U. Cary Kent, BPD, evidence theft envelopes opened and possession of heroin and methamphetamine, Berkeley. Hundreds of cases were dismissed because of Madden's actions.

She told police investigators she used the cocaine to try to control an alcoholism problem. Sonja Farak, another chemist at a Massachusetts crime lab, was arrested for tampering with evidence and stealing cocaine. FBI agent Matthew Lowry became addicted to heroin.

He was arrested on the street in Washington, D. Enrique Zambrano, a Berkeley waterfront commissioner, brutally beat and severely injured a university professor and his wife and then murdered and dismembered a fellow commissioner who would have testified against him. Rush lost her job with the Oakland Police Department and is now a University of California police officer in Berkeley. Eventually, OPD disciplined 12 officers, firing four of them.

Prosecutors filed criminal charges against three officers and a retired sergeant. Gary Dale Baker, who was a member of the Sacramento California police force for more than 20 years, was sentenced to 62 years in prison for repeatedly raping a stroke-disabled woman in her 70s.

The Sheriff of San Francisco, Ross Mirkarimi, was arrested in for domestic violence battery, child endangerment, and dissuading a witness. Before he became President, George W. Bush was arrested for driving while drunk on alcohol. He was convicted of the charge and paid a fine. Bush has publicly admitted drinking "too much", but stated that he stopped after his 40th birthday celebration.

His wife, Laura Bush, once failed to stop at a Stop sign and hit another car, killing a teenage boy. They were scheduled to play at the White House on September 11, Before he became Vice President, Dick Cheney was arrested twice for driving while drunk on alcohol. In a book that Cheney co-authored, he wrote that he did not like waking up in jail. DEA office 2 counts of prowling "peeping tom" and one count of resisting arrest, San Jose.

Clifford T. Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, possession of cocaine and obstruction of justice, California. The next day came an even bigger blow: Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Brazil's former president and current front-runner in polls for October's presidential election, began serving a year jail term on corruption charges David H.

Petraeus was director of the CIA, a former four-star general in the U. Army, the former commander of U. Petraeus, who is married and has two children, resigned from his CIA job after the FBI discovered that he had lied to his wife and was having sex with another woman.

Federal prosecutors noted that Petraeus lied when he told the Federal Bureau of Investigation that he did not share classified information with his mistress. Petraeus has agreed to plead guilty to one count of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material Marion Barry, the mayor of Washington, D. He was arrested by the FBI on drug charges, was convicted of possessing cocaine, and went to prison. In , Barry was again elected mayor of the capital of the United States.

Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, was forced to admit he used an illegal drug after a video was made that showed him smoking crack cocaine in The informant was a woman who was engaged in an extramarital affair with Fredriksson.

John Fredriksson is the father of Jason Fredriksson. John Cunningham, former Richmond, CA. Secret Service Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa, highly decorated New York City Police detectives who became mafia hit-men, arrested in for committing 8 murders. Aldrich Ames, a highly-trusted longtime CIA officer, arrested and convicted in after many years of spying for the Soviets.

Robert Philip Hansson, a highly-trusted longtime FBI agent, arrested and convicted in of spying for the Soviets over a period of 22 years. White served 5 years in prison for the murders and committed suicide after he was released from prison. Van Raam later murdered 2 people and committed suicide. Former "National Sheriff of the Year" Patrick Sullivan was arrested in Colorado for possessing methamphetamine and offering to sell methamphetamine if his customers had sex with him.

He also allegedly snorted the drug himself with a straw. He described Adams, the married father of an infant son, as professional and knowledgeable. Webster Hubbell, Associate Attorney General of the United States, pleaded guilty to mail fraud and tax evasion and was sentenced to 21 months in prison.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the wealthy actor who served as governor of California, has four children by his wife. She left him when she discovered that he had cheated on her and fathered a child with a household employee.

Republican Dennis Hastert, the former Speaker of the U. House of Representatives, was the third most powerful public official in the U. John G. Rowland, governor of Connecticut, convicted of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and tax fraud. Don Siegelman, governor of Alabama, convicted of bribery, mail fraud and obstruction of justice. Harold Guy Hunt, governor of Alabama and a Baptist minister, was convicted of a felony for violating a state ethics law and removed from office.

Alabama governor Robert Bentley, a doctor and a staunch family-values conservative republican who was a former Baptist deacon, pleaded guilty to 2 campaign violations and resigned amid a sex scandal. Rod Blagojevich, governor of Illinois, arrested for conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and influence-peddling. Eliot Spitzer, governor of New York, resigned after he admitted paying to have sex with a prostitute "I have acted in a way that violates my obligations to my family and violates my, or any, sense of right and wrong," Spitzer said at a news conference.

Jim Traficant, U. Congressman from Ohio, convicted on 10 counts of financial corruption and sentenced to 8 years in prison. Walter R. Tucker III, U. Congressman from California, convicted on charges of extortion and income tax fraud and sentenced to 27 months in prison, Dan Rostenkowski, U. Congressman from Illinois, convicted of embezzlement and sentenced to 18 months in prison, Joe Kolter, U. Congressman from Pennsylvania, convicted of conspiracy to commit embezzlement and sentenced to 6 months in prison, Tom DeLay, former U.

House Majority Leader, was convicted of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering and sentenced to three years in prison. Webber Wright. His license to practice law was suspended in Arkansas for five years and later by the United States Supreme Court. Lewinsky's famous dress was stained with Bill Clinton's semen. Shanks said Clinton was " Democrat Anthony Weiner, a former U.

Colonel David Russell Williams, a 23 year military veteran and the commander of Canada's largest Air Force base, was convicted of murdering 2 women and and raping 2 others. Williams also broke into at least 48 houses, frequently stealing the underwear of young girls, which he then photographed himself wearing. Joseph DeAngelo, a former cop who served in the U. Navy, was arrested in and charged with being the "Golden State Killer" who raped at least 45 people and killed at least 12 people.

He also burglarized at least homes. Sinclair, who served five combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, was charged with a number of crimes, including adultery, forcible sodomy, possession of pornography and alcohol while deployed, and filing fraudulent claims. General David Haight, Army Ranger, decorated combat veteran and family man, held a key post in Europe this spring He also led a double life: an 11 years affair and a 'swinger lifestyle' of swapping sexual partners that put him at risk of blackmail and espionage European Command Robert J.

He faces 19 counts, including rape, sexual assault, tampering with evidence, and lying to authorities. The charges followed weeks of investigation and represented a spectacular downfall for a power broker who led the county GOP for five years. Less than a month ago, Kerns shared the spotlight at a party with Gov. On Tuesday, he was escorted in handcuffs from court after a county grand jury portrayed him as a 'manipulative and predatory' rapist.

Jeffrey Krusinski, the officer in charge of sexual assault prevention programs for the U. Air Force was arrested and charged with sexual battery. The police said Krusinski was in a parking lot when he approached and attacked a woman that he had never before met.

Those days have long passed and the experiment has long been over. Lockyer is a former Attorney General of California. The article was about an email message that the press received from the account of Bill Lockyer's wife, Nadia, that stated that "Bill bought and gave me drugs Nadia, who is the the mother of a young child, has admitted that she was cheating on her husband with a boyfriend who is a methamphetamine addict.

Clifford Wallace, who had taken senior status. Ware had a hearing before the U. Senate Judiciary Committee in October However, Ware's nomination unraveled amid an embarrassing scandal that ultimately resulted in a judicial reprimand, and Clinton withdrew his nomination of Ware on November 27, In , Judge Ware was reprimanded by the Judicial Council of the Northern District Court of California for fabricating the story of being the brother of Virgil Ware, a 13 year old black boy shot by teenage racists in Alabama in on the same day as the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing.

According to a story Judge Ware had told MANY audiences, he was riding his bike with his brother Virgil on the handlebars when Virgil was shot and killed by white racists. The incident was a real one, however it happened to a different James Ware, as was discovered when Judge Ware's claim was published in the Alabama papers after he was nominated to the Ninth Circuit by President Bill Clinton.

The father of the long-ago slain boy contacted the Alabama courts to report that the California judge was impersonating his own son James Ware who was an employee in a Birmingham power plant.

The Alabama courts contacted the California courts, who convened the ethics hearing. Judge Ware was reprimanded but allowed to retain his lifetime appointment as district judge.

None of it was true. Headquartered in San Francisco, Jones' group was very strongly supported by California assemblyman Willie Brown, who later became mayor of San Francisco. Jones and some of his followers moved to Guyana. In late Jones, before killing himself, made of his followers commit suicide. An FBI agent said U. District Senior Judge Jack T. Camp, 67, possessed and used cocaine, marijuana and Roxycodone with the exotic dancer, aided and abetted her possession of the drugs knowing she is a drug felon, and possessed guns while using controlled substances.

Seeman is a former Drug Court judge. And in their dealing those drugs to Baltimore residents, the infusion led, according to the Baltimore Police Department, to a spike in crime after the riots. WNYC, 2. Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano served only 5 years in prison for his involvement in 19 murders [because he became a government witness].

He testified in against his former mafia boss John J. After leaving the witness protection program, Gravano started dealing the drug ecstasy, and was arrested for running what the authorities called the largest ecstasy ring to ever operate in Arizona. He pleaded guilty to the charges in In order to obtain convictions for illegally manufacturing drugs, the gathering of evidence of past unlawful conduct frequently proves to be an all but impossible task. Thus in drug-related offenses law enforcement personnel have turned to one of the only practicable means of detection: the infiltration of drug rings and a limited participation in their unlawful present practices.

Such infiltration is a recognized and permissible means of investigation; if that be so, then the supply of some item of value that the drug ring requires must, as a general rule, also be permissible. For an agent will not be taken into the confidence of the illegal entrepreneurs unless he has something of value to offer them. Law enforcement tactics such as this can hardly be said to violate "fundamental fairness" or be " shocking to the universal sense of justice".

Melson, the acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, 'told congressional investigators that some Mexican drug cartel figures targeted by his agency in a gun-trafficking investigation were paid informants for the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Under the gun-trafficking operation known as Fast and Furious, the ATF lost track of the guns, and many were found at the scenes of crimes in Mexico, as well as two that were recovered near Nogales, Arizona, where a U.

Border Patrol agent was killed. Bush, when in fact operation Fast and Furious began months after Obama became president. Youngblood was quoted in an 8. Don't kid yourself. This is a police state. The government can pretty much do whatever it wants. Hatfill was harassed by the FBI because they very, very strongly suspected that he mailed anthrax to people. It turned out that the FBI was mistaken. Among the others participating was a professor of religion and his wife, a grad student studying child development The burglars believed that the anti-war movement was being infiltrated by F.

One of the first documents the burglars read instructed agents to "enhance the paranoia" The New Yorker, 1. In Technology the series of microprocessor is released by Intel opening the way for the next generation of much more powerful PC's and Microsoft releases it's Office Suite including Spreadsheet, Word Processor, Database and Presentation Software which today still dominates in office applications.

Following Massive protests against the Berlin Wall bringing about the collapse of The Berlin Wall and the East German Government both are dismantled which leads after many years to the reunification of East and West Germany.

In China Pro democracy protesters clash with Chinese Security Forces in Tiananmen Square on June 4th and the pictures of a man taking on a tank are seen on TV news throughout the world. Margaret Thatcher completes ten years as prime minister — the first British prime minister of the 20th century to do so. The Britain of was teetering at the top of the Thatcherite boom that had seen unprecedented growth in the economy and a halving of the unemployment rate.

Jobless figures dropped below 1,, by the end of the year and a growth rate of almost 30 per cent over the decade was the highest in the developed world. But cracks were beginning to appear — with inflation out of control and the balance of payments with other countries in dire straits — even with booming oil exports. The housing bubble was about to burst with prices in London and the southeast down by 10 per cent down on the previous year.

However they remained steady in the north. Inflation stood at 7. The fading economy aside there remained a general feeling of national confidence and the end of the Cold War provided a further "feel good" factor. The Manchester "baggy" music scene was making waves across the world as were the newly privatised British companies.

Even the Hillsborough disaster, sinking of the Marchioness and an IRA bombing campaign could not dent a feeling that the country had turned around decades of decline.

As the clocks struck midnight on Friday January 7, same-sex couples across the country raced to become the first to tie the knot after gay marriage became legal. The final phase, which links this new motorway with the original London-Oxford section, is due to open within the next year. A record of more than 2. The Ford Escort is Britain's best selling car for the eighth year running, managing more than , sales, while the Volkswagen Golf is Britain's most popular foreign car with well over 50, sales.

Ford achieves the largest sales of any carmaker in Britain for the 15th year in a row, while Vauxhall has now overtaken the Rover Group as Britain's second best selling carmaker. At about 7. Somewhere en route, or in the car park, she met her killer.

Husband Richard came home at about 8. He toured their favourite pubs and wine bars and phoned friends before going to bed. The next morning he called her work to be told his wife had phoned in 15 minutes earlier saying she was sick. When she again failed to return home that night, Richard called police. Police found her thumbprint in his Bristol flat and her car in his garage.

They believe he held her there overnight before dumping her 45 miles away on the Quantock Hills. It was not the first time he had been in trouble.

As a year-old, he was placed on probation after indecent assault in phone box. In June , he was jailed for eight years after raping young mum in Sutton Coldfield shop.

In October , Cannan was arrested after failed rape in Leamington and two months later he was charged with the murder of Mrs Banks. The following April, Cannan was convicted of murdering Shirley, rape and kidnap in Reading and rape in Bristol. Detectives investigating the murder of Suzy Lamplugh, the estate agent, have made a potential breakthrough in the case, just days before the 20th anniversary of her disappearance.

A new witness has come forward with evidence that John Cannan, the man police have previously named as their chief suspect, had access to a dark BMW at the time she vanished. Her body has never been found, but she was officially declared dead in A Boeing airplane crashed onto the M1 motorway near East Midlands airport, killing 46 people.

Eighty have survived, of whom ten are seriously injured. The British Midland flight was forced to crash land after both engines of the brand new aircraft failed. It slammed into the motorway embankment at GMT, breaking into three pieces. Motorists on the M1 had a lucky escape as there were no vehicles in the immediate vicinity at the moment of impact.

The crew had responded "incorrectly" to a fractured fan blade in the No. The report made several recommendations, calling for increased engine inspections and improvements to engine vibration indicators on Boeing s.

Iranian Muslim leader Ayatollah Khomeini has issued a death threat against British author Salman Rushdie and his publishers over the book Satanic Verses. Scotland Yard is providing the author with specialist protection and advice and all 11, staff at publishers Viking have received internal memos about the potential danger. Security has been increased at offices, bookshops and distribution depots. Mr Rushdie's editorial director has said a promotional tour of America may have to be cancelled.

The Ayatollah - as Imam, or chief spiritual guide, of Shia Muslims across the world - broadcast a fatwa edict on Tehran Radio to eliminate the writer and declared the rest of the day should be one of mourning. His message said: "I inform the proud Muslim people of the world that the author of the Satanic Verses book, which is against Islam, the Prophet and the Koran, and all those involved in its publication who are aware of its content are sentenced to death.

Mr Rushdie, 42, responded hours later. Already banned in five countries, the first demonstrations against the book took place in Bradford, West Yorkshire, where a copy was publicly burned.

Politicians in Westminster have expressed outrage at the threat and have called on the government to complain formally to Iran.

The Iranian Prime Minister Hussain Mousavi has sanctioned Hezbollah groups to "take the necessary action" against the author. In the early hours of August 20, , the Marchioness sank after a devastating crash on the River Thames. Of the party-goers on the boat, 51 died, many trapped in the mangled wreck. On a hot, late-summer evening in , the Marchioness pleasure boat collided with the dredger Bowbelle and sank in the River Thames. The captain and second mate of the barge, the dredger Bowbelle, are now under arrest.

Among those still missing are the captain of the cruiser, the Marchioness, and a city banker who chartered the boat to celebrate his birthday. There are fears the final death toll could be as high as Divers are still searching below deck where more bodies are expected to be found.

Most of those on board were young people in their 20s. Both vessels were moving down river towards Southwark Bridge in the early hours of Sunday morning when they collided. The Marchioness's owners said the ton boat was struck a blow from the 2,ton dredger which forced it directly into the larger vessel's path. They said the Bowbelle then ran over the cruiser forcing it underwater "like a bicycle being run over by a lorry". So far the owners of the Bowbelle have made no public comment. Police commandeered other boats to search for survivors who had been tipped into the river after the collision.

Party-goers on other cruisers witnessed the events and some tried to help. So far 89 people are known to have survived the crash. On June 8th Rupert Murdoch, Chieft Executive of News International, announced his intention to expand the company's interests in satellite tv under the group name Sky Television.

Until this time Sky's satellite tv involvement was represented by Sky Channel, a 6 year old family entertainment channel broadcasting to cable TV systems across Europe. Sunday February 5th saw a revolution in television viewing habits in the United Kingdom with the launch of the Sky Television Network direct-to-home service via the Astra 1A satellite. Sky also promised Sky Arts and The Disney Channel to begin later in that year in '89, but it never happened.

At least 93 football supporters have been killed in Britain's worst-ever sporting disaster. The crush is said to have resulted from too many Liverpool fans being allowed in to the back of an already full stand at the Leppings Lane end of the ground. More than 2, Liverpool fans had still not got into the stadium when the match started at A police spokesman said orders were given for the gate to the stand to be opened because they believed the pressure of fans outside the ground was "a danger to life".

But as fans rushed in, those already there were pushed forward and crushed against the high, wired-topped safety fences. However, it was more than five minutes into the match before what was happening became apparent to those not in the Leppings Lane stand.

Then, alerted by fans spilling through a narrow gap onto the pitch or being lifted by others into the seating areas above, a policeman ran onto the field and ordered the referee to stop the game. But improved security measures recently introduced at grounds to keep rival fans apart meant, for many, there was no escape from the crush. Police and match officials attempted to help those trapped clamber over the safety barrier.

Bodies were lifted forward and laid out on the pitch - many of them teenagers and children. Other injured fans were ferried to ambulances on stretchers improvised from crash barriers and advertising hoardings. At least people were injured, about 20 seriously. Some fans have said bad ticket allocation contributed to the disaster.

Liverpool has far more supporters than Nottingham Forest but were given 6, fewer tickets and allocated the smaller Leppings Lane stand. Margaret Thatcher and several other world political leaders are among more than people present in the church service at the village of Old Dryfesdale near Lockerbie.

A poll named the scene the most popular of the entire programme, while it was also named 7th Greatest Television Moment of all time in a Channel 4 poll. It was last at this level in Den Watts, the hugely popular character played by Leslie Grantham in the BBC's soap opera EastEnders, departs from the series which he joined at its inception four years ago as the character is presumably killed in an episode watched by over 20 million viewers.

Because of the time difference between Britain and the United States, the fight is televised in the UK in the early hours of 26 February. Tyson wins after the referee stops the bout in the fifth round. A fourth man convicted in connection with the killing died in prison in Around others have been hospitalized. Several of those injured are in a serious condition and there are fears that the death toll already the worst of any sporting disaster in Britain could rise even higher.

The youngest victim is a year-old boy, the oldest is year-old Gerard Baron, brother of the late former Liverpool player Kevin Baron. Tottenham Hotspur remove perimeter fencing from their White Hart Lane stadium as the first step towards avoiding a repeat of the Hillsborough disaster is taken in English football.

The Hillsborough disaster claims its 95th victim when year-old Lee Nicol dies in hospital as a result of his injuries. He was visited in hospital by Diana, Princess of Wales, hours before he died. Fourteen Liverpool fans are convicted of manslaughter and receive prison sentences of up to three years in Brussels, Belgium, in connection with the Heysel disaster at the European Cup Final in which 39 spectators most of them Italian died.

A further eleven Liverpool fans are cleared. The Conservative government's joy at tackling unemployment is, however, marred by the findings of a MORI poll which shows Labour slightly ahead of them for the first time in almost three years.

As of July this record still stands. It is the second all-Merseyside cup final in four seasons, and as happened in , Ian Rush is on the score-sheet for Liverpool twice. Liverpool have won the trophy four times now. A police raid on a suspected drugs operation at a public house in the Heath Town district of Wolverhampton, leads to a riot in which up to people throw missiles and petrol bombs at police officers. Arsenal have now been league champions 9 times but until now hadn't been league champions for 18 years.

Two victims of the tragedy, Andrew Devine aged 22 and Tony Bland aged 19 are still unconscious in hospital. This would be the second recession in a decade.

The act is condemned as "evil and cowardly" by British prime minister Margaret Thatcher and as "the work of a psychopath" by Opposition Leader Neil Kinnock. Don and Roy Richardson, developers of the new Merry Hill Shopping Centre in the West Midlands, announce plans to build the world's tallest building — a 2, foot tower including a hotel and nightclub — on land adjacent to the shopping complex, which becomes fully operational next week after five years of gradual development.

The development, which now employs around 6, people, first opened to retailers four years ago with several retail warehousing units, and has gradually expanded to become Europe's largest indoor shopping centre. Construction has now begun on the Waterfront office and leisure complex, also within the Enterprise Zone and overlooking the shopping centre, which will open to its first tenants next year.

Her leadership has never been challenged before in almost 15 years as party leader, more than 10 of which have been spent as prime minister. December - The M42 motorway is completed when the final section opens, giving the town of Bromsgrove in Worcestershire some 10 miles south of Birmingham a direct link with the M5. Also completed this month is the section of the M40 between Warwick and the interchange with the M42 just south of Solihull.

The rest of the M40, between Warwick and Oxford, will open next winter. The Beer Orders restrict the number of tied pubs that can be owned by large brewery groups to two thousand and require large brewer landlords to allow a guest ale to be sourced by tenants from someone other than their landlord. Inflation has increased significantly this year, standing at 7.

Fears of a recession are deepened by the economy's overall growth rate dropping to 1. After spending most of the decade closed down, Whiteleys in London re-opens as a shopping centre.

He currently drives the No. Explore Trending Events More More. Tags Carl Edwards Car. Related groups — Carl Edwards Car. The Hot Pass. Part A. Ottawa Click here. Nepean …Al Ruppel….. Nepean …Alana Henry-Fontelio….. Nepean …Alex E. Nepean …Alexander Maxwell….. Nepean …Alexandra Reimer…..

Nepean …Alison Gotceitas….. Nepean …Alison Vrckovnik….. Nepean …Amy Yee….. Nepean …Andrea Cook….. Nepean …Andrea Copperthwaite….. Nepean …Andrew Ma….. Nepean …Andrew Makus…..

Nepean …Anezka Zlamal….. Nepean …Angie Rucchetto….. Nepean …Anna Passmore….. Nepean …Anne Senior….. Nepean …Anya Rampal….. Nepean …April Van Den Beek….. Nepean …Athena Williams…..

Nepean …Aurora Williams….. Nepean …Becky Bodnar….. Nepean …Ben Cook….. Nepean …Benjamin Cheng….. Nepean …Bihac Mazigh….. Nepean …Bob Cordukes….. Nepean …Bonnie Badour….. Nepean …Bonnie Gregoire….. He has the will and the power to crack down on the populace if it came to that—and he would be rewarded for it by the voters, not punished.

Does anyone really want that? Hitler was almost certainly behind the Reichstag fire that allowed him to declare emergency powers and effectively become a total dictator. There are far better ways to effect change, no matter how good they might feel. Click here and enter the bib numbers for the full individual race results.

Part A. Ottawa bib numbers, see below; for photos, click here. Other Communities Alexandria to Navan Click here. Other Communities Nepean to Woodlawn Click here. Part A: Ottawa photos click here. For the 5 kilometre race results and photos Race photos here.

Howard Duff in Fear Below. Detective Jim Briggs is left to die, trapped in a sewer. Donald Swann introduces and accompanies Nadia Cattouse. Kenneth Greet talk to Marjorie Proops about the brighter side of family life. Page 2 of 2 click here. This year, about 22, runners are expected to participate in the 5 km or The Canada Army Run, now in its sixth year, continues to be the fastest-growing race event in Canada.

See also, an album of Perth Kilt Run pictures in Flickr: www. The following runners and walkers participated in the 8 km Perth Kilt Run. The names are additionally sorted alphabetically by last name. In addition to this set of pictures in Flickr, see also each runner's official race photos. Click and enter bib or last name. This 32k practice run is organized by the Ottawa Running Room stores for runners who are training for the Ottawa Marathon. O2B by the Running Room - www.

Calgary's Mount Royal: a Garden Suburb. Garden City and Garden Suburb concepts emerged at much the same time and together they formed the beginnings of town planning, of moulding the environment to improve the quality of life for the inhabitants. In Great Britain, Europe, the United States and Canada there was a great surge toward improvement schemes in an effort to make cities more pleasant places in which to live.

Some of the immigrants who came from the more settled, and treed, areas of eastern Canada and from Great Britain brought with them the concept of these movements and Calgary became swept up in attempts to improve the visual aspects of the city Courbet and Simpson Mount Royal [h]omeowners [c. Many of the owners also planted a row of fir trees along the boundary line between lots, and these lines of now very tall trees are a distinguishing feature [.

These latter were often decorated with sculpted figures. From the street the central steps drew the eye up to and enhanced the house behind. Sayre, one of the first residents in Mount Royal, a member of both, supplied poplar trees from his farms for boulevard planting [. The company promoted the development of ornamental gardens alongside its railway stations throughout the prairies, one of the largest being the Calgary station garden, and instituted a Forestry Department which had its own tree and perennial nursery at Wolsely in Saskatchewan.

And in its development of the subdivision of Mount Royal the company followed the precedents of such residential subdivisions in North America as the plan for the suburban village of Riverside, Illinois, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the founder of the landscape architecture profession, in Courbet and Simpson And most of these early homes were occupied by Americans [and was known as American Hill]. Sayre, Louis Strong, J.

Irvine, E. Hall, Harry Honens, and A. Davidson were not only the same nationality, but their business affairs were also interwoven, all revolving around rural land development and urban real estate ventures. Several of them came from the Dakotas, were familiar with prairie land sales, and were astute enough to foretell the coming boom conditions in Alberta. Most of them arrived in Calgary in the early years of the century, or , and were able to get in at the early stages, although not the beginning, of land speculation Courbet and Simpson The majority of the population came from eastern Canada or the British Isles, and they were proud of their connection with the British Empire.

Bennett, Sir James Lougheed and other long-standing and influential citizens, Toole Peet, the real estate company charged with selling the properties, and the CPR itself were not happy with this nomenclature. The initial reaction came with the plan, showing such names as Sydenham, Durham, Colborne, Carleton, Dorchester and Amherst, names resonant of British rule in Canada, which should have been enough to counter the concept of American Hill Courbet and Simpson Montreal, Quebec and Levis were thrown in for good measure.

After this, there was no more talk of American Hill. There is one unfortunate error in these names. Dorchester meets Carleton, but in fact these were one and the same man. Sir Guy Carleton later received the title of Baron Dorchester. See letter to the Editor from Donald B.

Smith, Calgary Herald. September 30, Courbet and Simpson The district that was to become Mount Royal was on a rise of land that rose gently from the north but more precipitably on the east side, forming a distinctive ridge along the eastern edge of the area. At the top of the rise, gently contoured hills and dales rose and fell to the south and west; water sometimes gathered in the lower lying areas, and a creek meandered down what is now Premier Way on its way to the Elbow River.

The entire area was covered with short prairie grass and it was treeless Courbet and Simpson The T. Skinner home on 7th street, was set on three lots between Hillcrest and Prospect. After that family left, it remained vacant and the city acquired the house under the Tax Recovery Act. With such multiple use it fell into disrepair and the City demolished it in the early s. The coach house, which faces onto Prospect, has recently received extensive alterations Courbet and Simpson Seven houses were built before the end of , all on Hope Street or Royal Avenue, at the first rise of the hill, west of the escarpment, and overlooking the extensive grounds of Western Canada College [.

Julia and the children went south to San Franciso for the winter while Louis and other husbands checked into the Alberta Hotel. In , the CPR registered the area from Royal Avenue, and its western extension, Colborne Crescent, south to Dorchester Avenue, and from the eastern escarpment to 14th street on the west. Many of them were through lots extending the full depth of the block, anticipating the construction of large homes complete with both formal front entrances and rear service access.

The curvilinear roads followed the contours of the land, although the blocks between Prospect and Dorchester Avenues showed some relationship to a grid conformation, albeit with much more spacious lot sizes. The most desirable lots were on a slope and afforded the best views: northward they has a panoramic view of the city and the Bow River valley; and south and westward a view to the foothills and the Rocky Mountains. They were, of course, also on a distinct rise of land, above the dust and smoke of the city, an aspect that applies to many elite districts, Mount Royal in Montreal, for instances, and Shaughnessy in Vancouver Courbet and Simpson All this vacant land led a group of enthusiasts to develop a golf course in on the land on the brow of the escarpment between 7th and 8th Streets.

The course circled the school and hence called itself the Earl Grey Golf Club. During its maturing process in the years between the wars, the community developed as an insular district sufficient unto itself. Vacant lots created an even more spacious and open feeling and many of the young people living in the area had their own horses, tethered for the most part on their own lots.

There was no development to the south and they had the wide open prairie over which to ride Courbet and Simpson After the discovery of oil at Leduc, the momentum for development began again, only this time it was spread over a longer period of time.

As American oil companies moved in to Calgary and brought their own employees with them, once more Americans moved into Mount Royal. Ownership in the area became more eclectic, but it remained predominantly professional and managerial classes Courbet and Simpson Sportstats race results: www. Davis retires from the Los Angeles Police Department after 30 years on the force and more than eight years as its police chief. In June, four of the bodies are discovered in the Sierra.

The fifth, Gary Mathias, is never found. The circumstances surrounding their deaths remains a mystery. Sparkman U. President Jimmy Carter decides to postpone production of the neutron bomb, a weapon that kills people with radiation but leaves buildings relatively intact. Senate votes 68—32 to turn the Panama Canal over to Panamanian control on December 31, The plane made an emergency landing on a frozen lake. Bob Marley unites two opposing political leaders at this concert, bringing peace to the civil war-ridden streets of the city.

Paul, Minnesota becomes the second U. The Zairean government asks the U. Denard forms a new government. Triple Crown of Horse Racing until Fifty people were killed.

Bakke: The Supreme Court of the United States bars quota systems in college admissions but affirms the constitutionality of programs which give advantages to minorities. The crime is never solved. At least 15, people were killed. This is the first complete television broadcast of the opera in the U. Anthony dollar. President Jimmy Carter signs a bill into law which allows homebrewing of beer in the United States. Congressman Leo J. Ryan is assassinated by members of Peoples Temple shortly beforehand.

Kennedy International Airport. Shaw, American temperance movement leader and Prohibition Party candidate for vice-president in , b.

An opinion poll conducted for the Daily Mail shows the Conservative opposition 11 points ahead of the Labour government, with an election due by October next year. The turnaround in fortunes for the Conservatives, who last month were narrowly behind Labour, is attributed to Margaret Thatcher's recent comments on immigration.

The Yorkshire Ripper is believed to have been responsible. Explore Trending Events More More. Tags john horne burns. Related groups — john horne burns. View all All Photos Tagged john horne burns. Galleria Umberto I by Niels J. Buus Madsen. Galleria Umberto I by TheFella. All Rights Reserved. Use without permission is illegal.

Attention please! Monumento al ingeniero Emmanuele Rocco. Ottawa, A-L see below Part B. By Michael Malice observer On June 7, , people in Greece and around the world watched a woman get hit in the face three times on national television.

Ottawa see below Part B. Jean …Dennis St. Dominic's Priory Church, N. The Archbishop of Canterbury pm News. Weather pm Wayne and Shuster take an affectionate look at W. James J. Jess Willard pm Patience, light opera by Gilbert and Sullivan. Weather pm Chaplin Carnival. Carols and music from Lincoln Cathedral 11am Manchester Cathedral. A young girl disappears from a remote country house. Dean of St. Paul's on Jesus.

The runners listed below are: a local Ottawa-Gatineau and area half-marathon participants, who b registered through the Running Room. Ottawa, Ontario B. Kanata, Ontario D. Nepean, Ontario E. Other Ontario, by community G. Adam Lyle 2……. Adam Martin 3……. Adam Stone 4…….

Aili Ignacy 5……. Aisha Suhail 6……. Alain Auger 7……. Alan Chan 8……. Alastair Stewart 9……. Bruce Snider ….. Cal Mitchell ….. Calvin Reid ….. Cameron Beare ….. Cameron Dunlop ….. Carol O'Malley ….. Carole Harrison ….. Carole Hubbard ….. Carole Plourde ….. Carole-Anne Savard ….. Caroline Bredeson ….. Caroline Glynn …..

Cassandra Tilson ….. Catharine Cameron ….. Catherine Andersson ….. Catherine Beck ….. Catherine Caron ….. Catherine Hull ….. Catherine Yarker ….. Cathy Nolan ….. Cecilia Ho ….. Celeste Irvine-Jones ….. Celina Gilligan ….. Chandra Copeland ….. Chandra von Teichman ….. Chantal Cousineau ….. Chantal Ripp …..

Charla O'Connor ….. Charlene Mathias ….. Charles Bordeleau ….. Charlotte Fraser ….. Chelsea Macdonell ….. Chelsey Burke ….. Cheryl Giles ….. Cheryl McIntyre ….. Chloe Macdonell ….. Chris Bright ….. Chris Brown ….. Chris Dilabio ….. Chris McMahon ….. Chris Nestor ….. Chris Renwick ….. Chris Salter ….. Christelle Desgranges-Farquhar ….. Christene White ….. Christian Del Valle ….. Christian Figueredo ….. Christina Houle ….. Christine Bucholtz ….. Christine Connolly …..

Christine Foley ….. Christine Geraghty ….. Christine Halliburton ….. Christine Heal ….. Christine Martinet ….. Christine Newman ….. Christine Polihronis ….. Christine Power ….. Christine Schulz ….. Christoper Power ….. Christopher Bredeson ….. Christopher Jones ….. Christopher Mcgregor ….. Christy Brannen ….. Cindy Macdonald ….. Cindy McAlpine ….. Claudie Larouche ….. Colin Bendell ….. Colin Burgess ….. Colleen Bigelow ….. Colleen Crane …..

Connie Acelvari ….. Connie Chan ….. Connie Copeland ….. Corey Costantini ….. Cory Lohmann ….. Cory Van Hoof ….. Cotten Kevin ….. Courtney McCrindle ….. Courtney Watson ….. Craig Madill ….. Craig Stehr ….. Cullen Bird ….. Curtis Scharf ….. Cynthia Brown ….. Dale Gervais ….. Damian Curley ….. Dan Shea ….. Daniel Bourget ….. Daniel Careau ….. Daniel Guerrette ….. Daniel Levesque ….. Daniel Munro ….. Daniel Ngo ….. Daniel Reifler …..

Daniel Villeneuve ….. Daniela Zidek ….. Danielle Stehr ….. Danny Dillon ….. Dany Jacques ….. Dara Burry ….. Darcy Fraser ….. Darcy Middleton ….. Daria Strachan ….. Darlene Bess ….. Darlene Joyce ….. Darrell Bridge ….. Darrell Coughlin ….. Darren Cates …..

Darren Jerome ….. Darryl Bilodeau ….. Darryl Blais ….. Darryl Hill ….. Darryl Stal ….. Darwin Ziprick ….. Dave Bergeron ….. Dave Goods ….. Dave Kary ….. Dave McFadden ….. Dave Saville ….. Dave Silvester ….. Dave Yarker …..

David Felix ….. David Harding ….. David Howell ….. David Lemay ….. David McCaw ….. David Parke ….. David Spiers ….. Dawn Millions ….. Dawn Styan ….. Dean Justus ….. Deb Quayle …..

Deborah Newhook ….. Debra Bowbrick ….. Deidre Kelly ….. Demetria Tsoutouras ….. Denis Baudin ….. Denise Deschenes ….. Denise Gravel Tropper ….. Denise Picard-Stencer ….. Denise Saeki ….. Denise Senecal ….. Denise St. Jean ….. Deshayne Fell ….. Desirae Odjick ….. Diedre Viljoen ….. Diego Tremblay ….. Don C. Cumming ….. Donald Henry ….. Donna Justus ….. Donna Rainbow ….. Donna Weston ….. Doug Beirness ….. Doug Braid ….. Douglas Thiboutot ….. Duane Leon ….. Dung Bui ….. Dvora Rotenberg ….. Edward Vonk …..

Elisabeth Baechlin ….. Elissa Renaud ….. Elizabeth Izaguirre ….. Elizabeth Jones ….. Elizabeth Krause ….. Elizabeth Miller ….. Elizabeth Taite ….. Elizabeth White ….. Elyse Pratt-Johnson ….. Elysia Van Zeyl ….. Emem Idiong ….. Emika Marinacci ….. Emilie Lavigne ….. Emily Hewitt ….. Emily Mackie ….. Emily MacLean ….. Emily Welch ….. Ena Malvern ….. Eric Anthony Burpee ….. Eric Burpee ….. Eric Charland ….. Erica Bedard ….. Erica Wong ….. Erin Brunet ….. Erin Lehman ….. Erin Mackey …..

Evan May ….. Evelyne Cardinal ….. Fabienne Glauser ….. Fabio Gonzalez ….. Fabio Vivas ….. Fallon Bazdell ….. Farida Kerrouche ….. Fatemah Habib ….. Faye Goldman ….. Forrest Potter ….. Francesca Macdonald ….. Francois Baril ….. Francois Pineau ….. Gabrielle Nadeau ….. Gaby Moreau ….. Gail Cummings ….. Garth Rayburn ….. Garvin Lee …..

Gary Bazdell ….. Genesis Juane ….. Genevieve Bourget ….. Genevieve Houle ….. Genny Brims ….. Geoffrey Delage ….. George Hajecek ….. Georgette Houle ….. Geroge Heron ….. Gina Charos ….. Gina Gargaro ….. Gisell Delgado ….. Glen Paling ….. Glenn Carroll ….. Gord Baldwin ….. Gosia Kozak ….. Grace Fullerton ….. Grace Langis ….. Graham Edwards ….. Graham Reid …..

Grant MacLeod ….. Greg Bryson ….. Greg Howard ….. Greg Layhew ….. Greg Montgomery ….. Greg Morris ….. Greg Quinlan ….. Greta Chase ….. Guy Pelletier …..

Haiyan Zhou ….. Hannah Manning ….. Hannah Wallace ….. Harold Geller ….. Heather Dye ….. Heather McConkey ….. Heather Squires ….. Heather Williams …..

Heeba Abdullah ….. Helga Grodzinski ….. Henri St-Martin ….. Hilary May ….. Hillary Rose ….. Holly Johnson ….. Iain Macdonald ….. Ian Port ….. Ida Liu ….. Imroze Shaheen ….. Isabel Black ….. Isabelle Gingrich ….. Jacek Gorwa ….. Jacinthe Charron ….. Jacki Sachrajda …..

Jacques Gobin ….. James Fairlie ….. James Turnbull ….. Jamie Hurst ….. Jane Maxwell ….. Janelle Denton ….. Janet Cooper ….. Jason Bromstad ….. Jason Lehman ….. Jay Rached ….. Jean Marie O'Brien ….. Jean Stewart ….. Jeff Morrison ….. Jeff Ray ….. Jeff Smart ….. Jeffrey Bardell ….. Jen Cimbron ….. Jennifer Balcom …..

Jennifer Baudin ….. Jennifer Bookhout ….. Jennifer Bucknall ….. Jennifer Campbell ….. Jennifer Ciolfi ….. Jennifer Davies ….. Jennifer Kennedy ….. Jennifer Lim ….. Jennifer Mills ….. Jennifer Moores ….. Jennifer Parr ….. Jennifer Ramsay ….. Jennifer Shortall ….. Jennifer Wills ….. Jennnifer Harris …..

Jenny Kenmir ….. Jenny Koumoutsidis ….. Jesse Fleming ….. Jessica Eamer ….. Jessica Kight ….. Jessica Meneray ….. Jessica Morris ….. Jessica St. John ….. JF Fauteux ….. Jian Wu ….. Jill Frook ….. Jim Hogan ….. Jo-Ann Brault ….. Joanna Bellamy ….. Joanne Beattie ….. Jo-Anne Beauchemin …..

Joanne Bradley ….. Joanne Hart ….. Joanne Ritchie ….. JoAnne Schmid ….. Jocelyne Grandlouis ….. Jocelyne Macmillan ….. Jodi Cameron ….. Jodi Turner ….. Joe Paraskevas ….. Joe Whitmore ….. Joel Gascon ….. Joelle Martin ….. Joelyn Ragan ….. John Beaudoin ….. John Buckle ….. John Gordon ….. John Griffin …..

John Mahoney ….. John Oliver ….. John Weston ….. Jolene Harvey ….. Jonathan Dawe ….. Jonathan Toye ….. Jonathon Mclean ….. Joni Ogawa ….. Josee Perreault ….. Josee Surprenant ….. Joseph Griffiths ….. Josh Bruinsma ….. Josh Henne …..

Joyce Robertson ….. Judith Price ….. Julianne McKenzie ….. Julie Bosse ….. Julie Gourlay ….. Julie Laplante ….. Julie Mecke ….. Julie Sabadash ….. Julien Namiech ….. Juniper Hayes ….. Justin Pike ….. Kadambi Sitaram ….. Kaelyn MacGillivray ….. Kaitie Jourdeuil ….. Kalin McCluskey ….. Karen Burns ….. Karen Crookshank …..

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