Captains cove va bankruptcy

captains cove va bankruptcy

Captain's Cove Homeowners Association. A Letter from your Board Articles of Incorporation- Amended and Restated By-laws - Amended and Restated Deed of Restrictions - Amended, Restated, and Combined Construction Application Mangrove Trimming Entitlement. Boat Canopy Standards. Plat Maps. Estoppel Application. Captains Cove, VA Real Estate & Homes for Sale Find homes for sale in Captains Cove, VA, including single family homes, condos, townhomes, and more property types on®. Currently lists many properties in Captains Cove, VA that are in bankruptcy. This represents great opportunities for a real estate buyer to realize amazing savings on the purchase of a home. Homes that are the subject of bankruptcy represent one of the best ways there are to buy a home at a deep discount.

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Timothy R. Wilder said he received an email Nov. Wilder testified he could not recall for certain if the email came from Hearn or another board member.

He posted the documents, he said. He later became aware that Social Security numbers of individuals were included in the documents. He then emailed Hearn and asked if he wanted Wilder to redact the documents.

Hearn replied in the affirmative, he said. Wilder testified the redacted documents, tax forms, are still posted on the website, for which he said about 1, logins were processed over the last five years. Defense attorney Tariq Louka asked Wilder how long the unredacted documents were posted online.

Wilder said a resident had complained in fall about another document being posted online with redactions, and an ombudsman had determined in that case the information should not have been redacted.

George Tutori, another former board member, said Hearn "bought out the previous developer. Tutori in November received an email from a neighbor telling him he should "look at this" — the email included a hyperlink. When Tutori opened the hyperlink, it displayed a pdf file "of 37 pages of forms of various people," including himself and other board members as well as attorneys and a graphic designer who had provided services to the community. Tutori pulled up the website on his cellphone at Wolff's request, and Vincent examined the documents posted.

Louka asked Tutori about "a long-running dispute" since Hearn took over between former and current board members. Hearn stated in a board meeting that we stole funds from the homeowners association, yes. Tutori testified that he was able to download the file containing the documents to his computer.

Hearn is the person that caused this to be published. Wolff countered, saying, "Mr. Hearn is the person Wilder contacted asking if he should take those documents down.

Still, Wolff said Hearn knew the documents were posted and when Wilder asked if they should be redacted, "he didn't say take them down. He was certainly responsible" for the reposting of the redacted documents, she said. And my relative didn't buy it at bubble time; her family bought it years ago probably back in the late 70's early 80's. I'm considering looking into a class action lawsuit for those owners of unbuildable lots. If you get the addresses of all us poor bastards that own un buildable lots in the Cove.

I for one will go for a class action lawsuit, they are screwing us big time. I really fell sorry for the folks that paid big money for their lots thinking they would get water and sewer. The idiot developers went in and tried to tell Accomack county what they were going to do, and guess who won. Anybody else want to vent their frustration all of us lot owners that can build bneed to stand together, we may just have enough numbers to create change or havoc with how things are run. Leave email addresses if you are seriously interested.

Section 14 pissed off lot owner!!! My parents bought two lots in in preparation for retirement. My Dad loved to fish and was looking forward to his leisaure years.

One of the lots was waterfront and the other on Captain's Corridor lots in from the entrance of the community. Needless to say my Dad passed away just before he retired and never realized his dream. Owning the property has been an abomination for my family.

My mother sold the waterfront and gifted the wooded lot to me 20 years ago. For over 40 years we have paid taxes, water availabilty fees, POA on the wooded lot. The expenditures have totaled much more than the original cost of the property. In fact the fees paid now have made me come to the conclusion that I would be better giving the property to someone that really wants to live in Captain's Cove. Take my lot please. Don't believe everything you read. First the unbuildable lots were not always going to be unbuildable.

The county denied the association the necessary infrastructure to take on more sewer taps. Hence those lots would have been buildable. The developer never missed a payment with the bank. They had a note that was to be renewed and the bank denied the renewal so they could clean up their books and take advantage of the government bail out.

Pretty interesting when you get the whole story. Seems like the developer has stopped making payments on his personal residence in The Cove! What does that say about The Cove as being a good investment for any prospective buyer or investor!!?? Don't believe anything this developer says!!!!!!

If a class action suit gets started count my brother in. He has owned for 30 years and I've often wondered how it is legal to charge someone fees when they have no access to their property. I understand the right to use the amenities which would be great if they provided a place to stay. Bought two waterfront lots in Built in Lived there part-time from to , full time from to The Fleming family and Ron Wolf our areas rep on the County Council did stand up for the "little people" in terms of health and safety and for the bounty of the Chincoteague Bay, but so did LOTS of people who lived in both Greenbackville and Captain's Cove.

Let's put this in perspective -- I wrote Mr. Fleming's letter to the State regulators and wrote letters for many folks in Greenbackville and the Cove who wanted to send a letter but didn't really know how. I talked to them about why they were so concerned about the Bay becoming Captain's Cove sewer and then went and drafted a letter that captured their ideas. The "Preserve the Bay" organization came into being and was Chaired by Lee Merrill an Eastern Shore native who at that time had lived in Greenbackville for more than 30 years.

Though we won that battle over the sewage and "treated water" going into the Bay we soon had more battles to fight with the new developer. I bailed out of the Cove in I put my house on the market that year but couldn't sell it. Three years later it finally sold for less than half the price of the original listing. Lots of luck to others who are still sticking it out!

We just received a subpoena for back dues!! Dues for what? We had an unbuilt able lot which we gave back to the private owner we got it from 6 years ago after we paid over k for nothing but lies ,and for the people of captains cove that put up such a stink over progress.

Sea view previous lot owner. Anon Please tell me that the developers and realtors were charged with fraud and held accountable. Could any current owners in the cove please provide any current status updates for ? Have these issues improved any or are things still failing in this development? I inherited a lot in Captain's Cove from my sister. After going through probate I went to visit the lot only to be told that you can't get there from here.

In other words, an unbuildable lot. I have tried to give the lot back to the Cove. They only want me to trade for a buildable lot. I live in the Midwest and never intend to move.

Why should I be forced to pay a fee for lot which I will never use? Does the phrase "involuntary servitude" mean anything these days? It's sad but I too will be the latest causality on the Captain Cove take over of my property. I can't afford to pay those fees, and I have fallen behind, and really cannot understand why I bothered to keep paying as long as I have. I guess I hoped it would get better, it's not for me anyway.

I wish the best for those still fighting in the Cove to get things right, but the current developer and his cronies have different ideas. They will keep taking properties until they have what they need for their unknown plan, they have already run the values in the ground, so it will not be long. But they will reap what they sow!!! It was in a section that was to be developed in future with roads, electric, sewer, etc.

Meanwhile many other sections were fully developed and have homes. I was offered a lot swap to a buildable area that did have roads. The lots I was offered to select from were undesirable. They were smaller approx.

captains cove va bankruptcy

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