Cafe holdings corp bankruptcy

cafe holdings corp bankruptcy

Property managers, rental owners, and vendors Sign in here. Rental Application. Interested in one of our properties? Apply online. Dec 19,  · Unsecured creditors of Cafe Holdings Corp are seeking a court order to block the bankrupt restaurant operator's proposed procedures for selling itself, arguing they solely benefit the . CAFE HOLDINGS CORP. filed a chapter 11 bankruptcy case on Up to date docket information and all documents are available online. The docket was last checked on at GMT. Statistical Information.

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Attachments: 1 Exhibit A - Declaration of B. First Supplement to the Declaration of Ian T. Second Supplement to the Declaration of Ian T. Filed by Robin C. Service of Order by p. Notice of Change of Address. Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors Objection to the Debtors expedited motion, pursuant to bankruptcy code sections a , , and , and bankruptcy rules , , and , for entry of orders I approving sale, bidding, notice, and auction procedures in connection with the sale of substantially all of the assets of the debtors; II approving assumption and assignment of certain executory contracts and unexpired leases; III authorizing the sale of the Debtors assets free and clear of all liens, claims, encumbrances, and other interests, and IV granting related relief with Certificate of Service Filed by Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors related document s Kevin McCarrell, Local Counsel.

Randy A. Skinner, Local Counsel. Document Served HB related document s Re: Caf Holdings Corp. Website: www. Filed by Reid E. Litvak for Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors. Local Counsel: B. Keith Poston. Tyson, William L. Barrier, Robert B. Barrier, Joel A. Local counsel is Keith Poston. Local Counsel is Keith Poston. Cho Local Counsel: B. Keith Poston Filed by Brandon K.

Litvak Local Counsel: B. Golden Local Counsel: B. Sandler Local Counsel: B. This order shall be served by Debtors via electronic may and facsimile if possible , and U. Mail on Windstream and Debtors shall make their best efforts to contact Winstream by telephone on or before midnight on the date of this order.

Davis, L. Local Counsel is Stanley H. McGuffin Document Served. McGuffin Filed by Stanley H. Stutchman and Leehouang T. Weaver on behalf of Cafe Holdings Corp. Objections due by p. Service shall be perfected by p.

Omnibus Objection Filed by Randy A. Skinner on behalf of Freshpoint North Carolina, Inc.. Attachments: 1 Exhibit 1. The matter is hereby continued to Thursday, December 6, at a. Bush on December 5, The Matter is Continued. Skinner Filed by Randy A.

Skinner on behalf of Freshpoint North Carolina, Inc. Objections must be filed and served on counsel for the Debtors by p. Service shall be complete by noon on Monday, December 3, Certificate of Service related to Order on Motion re: Ch. Related Doc 81 Admin. Related Doc 80 Admin. Related Doc 77 Admin. Related Doc 75 Admin. Related Doc 74 Admin. Related Doc 73 Admin. Related Doc 72 Admin. Related Doc 71 Admin. Related Doc 70 Admin. Related Doc 59 Admin.

Related Doc 58 Admin. Related Doc 57 Admin. Related Doc 56 Admin. Related Doc 55 Admin. Order Pursuant to 28 U. Filed Updated Last Checked Assets Subscribe. Liabilities Subscribe. Docket Entries by Month. There are 24 more creditors. Subscribe now or purchase this single case to see the full creditors list. Parties Debtor Cafe Holdings Corp. Card Number. Save Credit Card. Petition Chapter 11 Voluntary Petition. Non-Individual filed by Michael H. Receipt of Filing Fee for Voluntary Petition Chapter 11 case upload only [caseupld,volp11a] Receipt Number , amount Document Served.

Show 10 more entries Loading The case judge is Helen E. Weathers, K. Ganz, Mary M.

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