Cache file bankruptcy

cache file bankruptcy

Jun 21,  · The website for them was Fresh View Solutions that has been since taken down after the bankruptcy filing. I have about $ in collections for an unpaid loan from the OC of Avant. I called Avant to see what their connection to CACH, LLC was and it seems like they sold the entire loan to them and took it completely off their books. May 29,  · File your bankruptcy forms with the court. A trustee will be appointed to your case by the court. Realize, however, that the trustee represents your creditors, not you. This person’s job is to verify your information, look for fraud and administer the bankruptcy procedures. If you feel you need representation, you should hire an attorney%(26). (Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for Cache) Now it's Caché that has lost its cachet. The Manhattan-based women's clothing chain is the latest apparel retailer to file for bankruptcy in the past few Author: Robert Dominguez.

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