Brett saso sr bankruptcy

brett saso sr bankruptcy

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Durango City Update Related Article: Durango cancels Fourth of July fireworks show. East Canyon Fire on Tuesday. Fire crews battled the East Canyon Fire on Tuesday, dealing with dry, hot and windy conditions. East Canyon Fire photos. Related Article: U. Highway reopens west of Durango near wildfire. New Mexico. New Mexico summit takes regional approach to local food. Summer reading programs hope to bring normalcy to kids. Fire destroys house, 13 vehicles southeast of Farmington. FBI, family seek clues about woman who went missing 18 years ago.

Navajo Nation fire grows to 10, acres, health advisory issued. Broadway veteran Nick Cordero dies from virus complications. Arts Calendar. Beavis and Butt-Head staging comeback. Dolores chamber offers drive-in movie nights this summer. Four Corners Folk Festival canceled. Editorial cartoons. Letters: Tri-State is making big green strides. Letters: Tourists are bringing more virus to town. Nourishing Morsels To B or not to vitamin B? From the Extension Office After a barren year in , apple trees are bursting.

Associated Press. United sending layoff notices to nearly half of US employees. US seizes 81 vehicles in Venezuela smuggling ring. Saudi, Briton join race for top WTO post as deadline looms. New Mexico Department of Health issues alert about heat-stress. Take Off Pounds Sensibly resumes meetings. City of Durango to host edible plant excursions. ReStore seeks volunteers. Registration opens for fall golf tournament to benefit Music in the Mountains.

Reader Poll. Would you like to see bump-outs continue in Durango's future? Yes, all year. Yes, only in the summer. Related article: Durango businesses get creative with Main Avenue bump-outs.

Most Popular. Country rocker, part-time Durango-area resident Charlie Daniels dies at Special Reports. Coronavirus Coverage. Durango Herald In Your Ear. Living Sports. Special Sections. Ballantine Communications, Inc. Instagram RSS Alexa. Subscribe Sign up for text alerts on your mobile phone.

Click here! Sign up for our daily email newsletter or to receive breaking news delivered to your inbox:. Breaking News. Daily Headlines. Everything has been so rushed in the last years.

Now we can all slow down and see things on the way. Dannheisser estimated it will not take him that no gas be sold between 9 p. Saturday and midnight Sunday. Asked why the station remained open, Bacigalupi said, The boss wants to make money. Someone has to stay open. BY P. Only premium remained, but Bacigalupi said enough was left for the station to stay open the rest of the day. Station records showed gallons sold Saturday, compared to an average of for the previous three Saturdays Bacigalupi said other stations planned to remain open Sunday, but ran out of gas due to the large volume of gas sold Saturday.

The station is owned by Jack nearly two hours more to reach Pensacola when going home, and said I don't like cars as a necessity, explaining high speeds cause accidents and deaths. He doesnt own a car, but uses automobile rides as transportation home, and estimated his three-and-one-half hour trip to Stuart will now take five to five-and-one-half hours.

Linda Wall, 3AS, was not in favor of Askews proposed move. I dont like the idea because I dont like the idea of trucks going faster on the back roads she takes home to Savannah.

She estimates an hour will be added to the nearly four hours it takes her to get home. Askew said Wednesday he wont make a final decision whether to call a special session of the legislature until Congress directs conservation policies and procedures.

However, Askew said the state may have to move forward on its own if there is "a protracted battle in Congress. Waters, who also owns the Exxon station that was open Sunday. According to station manager Roger Waters, the owners son, the station business Sunday was above average. He said motorists reported having seen a few other stations open at highway exits in Florida.

He said Saturdays business was "maybe three or four times as good as a normal Satur Saturday. Attendants at area stations estimated about one seventh of the 80 Gainesville service stations are generally open on Sundays. If Student Government is as good as it says it is, students would fund it.

Donerly said. Smith said students would still fund SG interviews applicants today Twelve Student Senate vacancies will be tilled this week, according to Senate President Kevin Malone. Interviews for the positions will be this afternoon, and the senate will vote on the applicants at its Tuesday night meeting, Malone said.

There is now one vacancy each in the following areas: lUC. Merchandising and on many of our exciting attractions. Smith said, I can't imagine a more inefficient form of anything. I agree though that making it SG voluntary makes it more accountable. The question of voluntary funding is the crux of the problem, Condon said. Temporary Chairman of the Convention, Gregory Enholm, said what the convention needs is "office space and people to work for us.

Enholm said money for the convention will not come from SG but from the office of Student Affairs and the College Councils. There are also three vacancies in arts and sciences. Malone said the interviews will be con conducted ducted conducted by the senates rules and calendar committee at 4 p. Wayne Reitz Union.

Any full-time student in the vacant classifications is eligible to be interviewed for the senate seats, Malone said. Loraine Carrell will discuss the Theater Archives. Anyone interested should meet at p. For more information contact Dr. Julian Pleasants at Marchers are asked to bring a candle and a musical in instrument strument instrument if possible.

Women studies possible Sexual Politics. Irene Thompson is working on the possibility of having UF offer an in interdisciplinary terdisciplinary interdisciplinary coordinated program on Womens Studies. Currently there are departmental offerings that deal with women in relation to specific academic fields. The offerings are "Images of Women in 20th Century Literature.

Designer Lengths z. Julins home for the annual Christmas party. Members are urged to bring a gift for an elderly person. Main St. A caving trip to West Virginia will be discussed.

Winter quarter officers will be elected. The funds are being released at the Scholarship Window at the Hub and should be picked up immediately. The topics of the training session will be Society, Law and the Han Handicapped.

Changing Perspectives. English department. Women in literature classes will have departmental course numbers by next fall, "if enrollment is consistently good," Thompson said. Thompson is currently fighting for the creation of a Womens Studies program which will at least award a certificate, such as that granted by Asian Studies. Any woman in interested terested interested in the creation of such a program should contact Thompson through the English department.

Are Demons Real? Come and listen to the actual tape recording on which you can hear demons talking through a teen-age girl. This is one of the most strange and fascinating phenomenon of today. Is there Bible precedent for demons? What is the origin of demons? These and any other questions will be answered in a Question and Answer series after the recording. The Trail Shop J. One star will be lit on top of the permanent tree on University Auditoriums north lawn Tuesday by Mrs. Wayne Reitz.

The star will be lit only for the ceremony and wont be shining nightly as the trees lights have in past years. Christmas on campus will begin Tuesday at p. All students can participate and should bring candles and musical instruments such as guitars or flutes. Carols will be sung as Mortar Board members lead the way with lanterns, Pam Barton, co-chairman, said. East campus will begin the route at p. This group will march by Norman Field, where off-campus students from the east side of town are asked to meet.

The march will go across 13th Street and pick up Towers, Broward. Rawlings, Mallory and Yulee Hall residents. West campus will leave at at the Sigma Chi fraternity house, proceed around fraternity row southward, and pick up Hume Hall residents. Off campus students who live on the west side of town will join the march at Graham Pond.

Murphree, Fletcher, Thomas, Sledd and Buckman Hall residents will be picked up at the Rathskeller before the marchs conclusion at University Auditorium lawn. At the site of the lighting, Maranatha, a member singing group from University Methodist Church, will perform. Doughnuts and hot chocolate, provided by Servomation Corp.

Us means Greyhound and a lot of your fellow students who are already on to a good thing. Special student busses depart from Gainesville on schedules shown below. For information on student busses returning to Gainesville call the Greyhound bus depot at any of the below listed cities.

Lauderdale pm Hollywood pm N. Call for reservations. Enrollment is limited. Series A subscribers should pick up tickets at the box office in advance. Wayne Reitz Union Wed. A Choice of meat entree.. And the amazing thing is that the show just keeps on going even though no one really cares to watch. Student Government Director of Elections Steve MacNamara hit it on the head when he said the latest episode in the Art Aspinwall election violation case was a three-ring circus.

Not only was the Student Senate hearing of the case a circus, the entire proceeding has been one of the greatest shows on earth, clearly pointing to very serious problems with Student Government SG.

A question of the competency of the people involved has been raised, and the merits of the case itsell must actually be questioned. But were far more concerned with the weaknesses in the institution itself that the whole episode illustrates. Chapter ot the Student Body by-laws says that all charges of election violations.

So SG officers proceeded according to the by bylaws laws bylaws until an observant law' student pointed out that the Student Body Constitution stated specifically that the Student Senate shall be the sole judge of the validity of the SG elections. So the whole mess was tossed to thr Student Senate. That created an interesting situation where incumbent senators whose future positions would be affected by the outcome of the election decided its validity. I he Student Senate isnt the proper place for the validity of an election to be settled.

The major conflict between the Constitution and by-laws, coupled with inept handling of the situation, has resulted in the case dragging on all quarter and into winter quarter. Its clear a Constitutional amendment giving the Honor Court the power to decide the validity of elections must be drafted.

But can it be passed? Probably not, judging irom recent history which shows a definite disinterest by voters in SGs operations. For an amendment to become law, a 25 per cent voter turn-out is required. And two-thirds of those w ho vote must approve the amendment. The last time that happened was spring , almost three years ago.

I he last time there was even a 25 per cent voter turn-out was spring when there was ap approximately proximately approximately a 34 per cent turn-out. Voter turn-out has been low' for several elections in recent years, topping 25 per cent only in spring after the campus has been deluged for weeks with visible campaigning.

In spring , 32 per cent of the students voted. But in fall only 12 per cent trekked to the polls. In fall of only 16 per cent voted even though tour proposed amendments were on the ballot. I his tall only 11 per cent bothered to vote and 18 per cent turned out to vote in the presidential race last spring when three proposed amendments were on the ballot. So its nearly impossible to get adequate student participation to change procedural regulations.

In the meantime, those students sincerely trying to get things done on the students behalf have their hands tied behind them, unable to get to work while procedural problems drag on and on. It is an eloquent indictment of Student Government, by those it supposedly governs, when historically there is not enough interest from the electorate to pass amendments that would increase the institutions effectiveness.

It just goes to prove that not everyone loves a circus, even if they cn get a ring-side seat. Claus, bringing to 13 the number of public figures directly implicated in the Watergate scandals. Charged with illegal activities ranging from interstate transportation of reindeer to wiretapping and perjury, Claus is expected to plead guilty to all counts and testify for the government in future Watergate trials. The news of the indictment came as a shock to millions of children and adults around the world, thousands of whom reported talking with Claus at various shopping centers within the last week.

The charges, stemming from incidents taking place on and before December 25, , include: Illegal contributions to the Nixon campaign. Attorneys say Claus deposited a number of goodies in the Nixon familys Christmas stockings after the President promised Claus a lifetime visa into the U. Included in the illegal gifts were a train set for young David Eisenhower, a Barbie Doll for Tricia Nixon Cox, and a new football for the President none of which was reported to the general accounting office.

Income tax evasion. Since there are no bank accounts, stocks or securities listed in Claus name, IRS officials suspect the bearded, crimson-costumed Claus of being either an organized crime cheiftan or a Communist. Investigators charge Claus with shaking down major department stores, demanding Nixon campaign contributions. Kennard, Jr Business Manager balled blackballed Claus refused to distribute any of their merchandise on Christmas.

In a charge not relating to Watergate, the Justice Department accused Claus of ensalving several hundred elves, many of them two cen centuries turies centuries old.

They are reportedly forced to live in a barn on Claus North Pole estate, and w r ork hour days w'ith no pay. Claus was apparently recruited by Nixon staffers to wiretap the homes of Democratic candidates in and again in This is not the first time that Claus has been plagued by scandal. In he was charged with taking bribes from the parents of children in return for expensive Christmas gifts.

Claus vehemently denied those accusations in his now famous Rudolph Speech, in which he claimed the only gift he ever accepted was a tiny reindeer presented to him by a grateful Eskimo. Commenting on the wiretapping charges, Claus admitted bugging the houses ot several million persons, but denied that the illegal surveillance was ordered by the White House. I did it to keep track of the children, Claus explained. How else could I find out if they were being naughty or nice?

He added that most of the listening devices were placed in chimneys and consequently did not pick up most con conversations. It was learned yesterday that federal prosecutors are also examining possible connections between Claus and a recent break-in at a Nome toy factory in which seven elves were arrested as they photographed classified, patented diagrams. I trusted them.

I guess they were just overzealous. When asked it he thought the whole truth about Watergate or the North Pole scandals would ever be known, Claus replied only, Ho, ho ho! Box Univ. University Ave. The middle class maintains that they would be unable to afford fuel whereas the rich would be unaffected by the shortage if the government did not intervene to stabilize prices.

Petroleum companies are unable to operate indefinitely at a loss and in order to remain in business, they must pass their expenses on to the consumers. This is assuming, of course, that the fuel shortage is not artificially contrived. These expenses are burgeoning at an in increasing creasing increasing rate so that dollar-a-gallon gas is in the foreseeable future. Several legislators propose to free middle middleclass class middleclass consumers of this costly burden by rationing gasoline.

These legislators characteristically fail to bring up a very crucial point. The government may only ration fuel if it has control over fuel, i. It is possible that the government could enforce laws requiring petroleum companies UF 'fringe benefits' EDITOR: Has everybody seen that silly newsletter about fringe benefits put out by someone in Tigert Hall? It said. All UF employes are eligible to borrow front the numerous volumes and stacks at campus libraries at no charge.

My gosh, these are the tools of our work, not fringe benefits. Also, we are asked to belies e that the states contributions to social security are fringe benefits, as if no other workers have the right to social security and the university has any alternative. For employes who stay ten. Also, An employe who quits before ten years of service With no interest, of course.

The newsletter says too. Other benefits are the savings derived from. Someone ought to tell Tigert Hall to cut out promulgating this baloney and deal instead with the real lack of employe benefits at this university. Faculty are being driven to collective bargaining in order to stay even with the cost of living.

When this question is answered, it becomes obvious that, for all practical purposes, the government owns the fuel. The more graceful method is that of the govern government ment government buying the fuel from petroleum com companies panies companies and rationing it at a lower price to the public. However, the government, like in industry. The middle class, in this case, would save no money unless, of course, they found another group to enslave for the purpose of paying taxes.

Their obvious choice would be the rich, the producers, who would soon be driven to bankruptcy leaving the middle class right where it started broke. The least graceful method, and the only alternative, would be an outright govern governmental mental governmental seizure of the petroleum industry.

This is scarcely in accord with the basic human right to free enterprise. Those who feel that the above measures are proper and just, deserve to live by them. I prefer to pay a dollar a gallon for my gas.

Jeffrey S. Taylor, lUC and all we get from the ad administration ministration administration is this absurd newsletter. I would like, at this time, to clarify some of the statements which have been printed in the past two weeks by the Independent Alligator. At the time of the Alligators editorial and Mr. Aspinwalls letter to the editor 1 could not have ethically responded with the case pending, despite the personal accusations leveled therein.

Because this matter is no longer before the Honor Court. I now feel that it is encumbant upon me in my position as chancellor, to reply to these highly inaccuarate and distorted statements.

It was my duty to operate on these procedures in conducting Mr. Aspinwall's hearing. In so doing, it was my belief that no fair trial had been awarded either party due to the non-adherence of formal operating procedures. This, I felt was a shortcoming on the system and one which needed to be remedied in order to assure both parties a full and fair hearing conducted ac according cording according to rules of law set down and adopted by this court for operation.

Thus, my reason for soliciting an advisory opinion from the Board of Masters as to the status of the trial below was in the interest of each of the litigating parties and imperative to the smooth operation of the court in hearing election violations. Asptnwall has attacked the lack of procedures followed by the court. Neither of the parties objected, nor did either of the parties state any objections to the Chancellors offer of taking notes during the proceeding.

Both Mr. Aspinwall and Mr. Mac- Namara stipulated that this procedure would be sufficient. Aspinwalls statement that he was not advised to bring counsel to the hearing is a complete untruth. I personally notified him to bring counsel to the hearing prepared to present his case on the Wednesday prior to the hearing.

Aspinwall's plea before the court during his hearing and his most recent utterances to the press show a remarkable change in the attitude of the candidate in his first presen presentation. From the outset, my policy was to present a Homecoming for the students and I en endeavored deavored endeavored to involve students from all areas of interest. I attempted to gain publicity for all Homecoming activities through every means available.

Unfortunately, I did not meet with too much success. Stories and information in advance of Homecoming are not as newsworthy as the general chairman might hope. Also, as a member of The Independent Florida Kuntz defends court action Homecoming policy Th Independent Florida Alligator, Monday, Decomber 3, , candidacy, but instead whether a fair election had been run.

His more recent comments show only his ardent desire to have a second chance at becoming a senator, regardless of whether the first election was fair. James Harrison, should be reminded of the ethical considerations which govern the actions of the the legal profession. It is highly unethical for an attorney to take his case to the press, prior to final adjudication by a court of law.

It is also unethical for any counselor to solicit a client merely so that he can be the recipient of front page coverage and headlines. The Alligator, too, is at fault, in attempting to force the judiciary in its decisions through the use of frontpage stories having editorialized undertones.

At present, the Board of Masters acting on a petition filed by Ross Schulmister, has invalidated the power of the Honor Court to determine the validity of campus elections by finding this power to be unconstitutional delegation of power by the Student Senate. The Student Body Constitution invests the senate with the power to devise elections and to determine their validity.

The Board of Masters may still find the action of the senate in handling an election protest to violate the constitutional rights of a student and thus order the Director of Elections to conduct a new election. As a result, most of the stories and lists of deadlines I sent to the press did not get published thereby causing some confusion with regard to eligibility for Homecoming participation.

In closing, I would like to congratulate and thank the student body for their fantastic enthusiasm and participation in this years festivities.

Your spirit made Homecoming 73 the best in recent memory. Labrador puppies. Marc , after 3 P. B Bt t Bt 47 P Need two roommates tor. Has everything, pool, air cond etc.. Village 34 apt. Sublease Dec. Sub lets, short lease no charg for registering your rental with us se 1 St.

Fredrick Gardents apts. BP two bdr. B-st P sublet males Lamancha apts own room furnished close to campus, air cond. Sublet Ibr. Gainesville, Florida I Tuesday, Dec. Pittsburg I SI. CP Cigarette Smoking volunteers needed for experimental study.

Call Linda C FR C female to share 4 bedroom wooden house with 3 students S3B plus utilities after 4 pm call sw 13th st. Furnished, 60 per mo. Summer voyages or year around. Men women, no ex experience, perience, experience, good pay. Stamped self addressed envelope. Macedon Int'l, Box , Irvington, N. MUST SELL, heater, extra cieon good tires, GREAT tran transportation sportation transportation G-2tP Z orange, selecshift, a-c, new sears steel radials, dealer maintained, 17, miles, great gas mileage SSOOO after 5 GP Dodge Chalfenger 2 dr vinyl top, power ond air, low mileage, top con condition, dition, condition, automatic transmission call GP 57 pannel truck shag carpet wood panneled just for you!

Vitamins, Hi Pro products, yogurt,makers 8. Sunflower Health Foods. Join the Fla. Trails Assoc. Allen Aquatic 8. Trail Center W. Cliff Hall Printing, N. Main J ftc Page 11 Page 12! J-SRC I would like 1o meet with people who anticipate hassles with family over the holidays to share experiences, suggestions, etc. Contact joy at the Counseling Center , or I need a ride to New York for christmos holidays will split driving and expenses, contact ed rm ennings coll J-3tP Musicians Gainesville's smallest shop providing ALL your services offers highest Discounts daily The Folk Shop 1.

Experienced professional guidance and advice can help you. Subjects like pricing, marketing, agents, com commissions, missions, commissions, taxes, Career opportunities, outlets for work, publicity and ad advertising vertising advertising will be takan up at mid winter meetings and private consultations in New York City.

Write for further in information: formation: information: D. Bradshaw, Consultant, E 88th St. Fast and accurate service ot reasonable rates Call M-st P Experienced typist. Term papers and theses, fast, reasonctole service. Call Terry ar keep trying M-Bt F! Aquamarine from SSO. I ft W. M N. I T WAS THE first time in 1 dont know how long that we were able to have both Nat Moore and Vince Kendrick on the practice field together and then he able to go out and play a good portion of the game.

Well, the olives, symbolic of 1 Ds, came rolling out this time. A tew FSU heads went rolling also, having to match up w itli one of the top defense in the nation. I he Final score. Bl THE Brahmans from Tampa, who were slight favorites going into the game, could not control the boards over the smaller Gators when it really counted. Gene Shy at 6- Mthe tallest Gator and Steve Williams scored high in the air tor some clutch rebounds and UF gradually eased off with their First critical victory of the season.

We had to pav the price. But things just got worse for the cold shooting Brahmans as UF moved out to a lead to the utter delight 0f4. The half ended with UF shooting a red hot USF shot an amazingly low Brahman guard Leon Smith began forcing turnovers, particularly from UF guards. The independent Florida Alligator Page 14 1. Moore gained yards in UF's win Larry Jones.

We lost three starters in the first quarter. And, for starters in the first quarter, Larry Jones tried to surprise the Gators with an opening on-side kick. As the game wore on. But, ias it turned out, even that wasnft too surprising. Carey Geiger made a fine play in getting to it. USF was in a press forcing more of the 2t turnovers from the young guards. UF LED in the crucial statistic-rebounding, for the night. They were led by sophomore Shy who had They did nothing different than we thought, we just out-positioned them on the boards.

Lotz also had praise for Williams. I looked on that floor when things were getting close and I saw Steve Williams face. I could just see the expression saying, we just can't lose this game. They are one of the hardest working groups of men in America. What more can you ask it was a great effort. It shouldn't be anything to take lightly for UF. Chip Williams, junior, who was injured in the Australian exhibition game, will again not see action. But Curt Shellabarger, who missed the opener because of academic problems, should be in uniform for the game.

The University of the South hopefully will be here in plenty ot time tor the game. They were scheduled to drive by private cars from Tennessee to Gainesville Sunday, when most gas stations will be closed. The Gatqrs scored figb '-of their seven touchdowns fi the ground and racked up o in the air. Their top ruisjhing yardage all season, the Gators grounded out yards good for 2D first downs.

Passing less frequently because of the 4 fine grotfrid game, the squad still gained yards and six first downs passing. He also socred one TD, giving him five for the season and credits the coaching staff for his leading yardage. It was a thoughtful gesture for the coaches to realize that Nat, Vince and 1 needed some yaradge to get some records, McGriff said.

Vince Kendrick took over the eighth spot on the all-time rushing list at UF while Moore moves into the ninth spot. The duo have 1. But that was not the end of the thoughtful gesture, for a few others were in on them also. Chan Gailey, Glenn Sever and the whole squad had a hand in letting Coach Dunn sip a coke during the fourth quarter something he had hoped to be able to do just once this season.

The Gator squad will now take it fairly easy until they start heavy workouts in Orlando on the 17th of this month for the Tangerine Bowl. Given that time to rest and mend, Miami of Ohio will see a Gator team that not one of its opponents has seen during the course of the season a healthy team with every starter at his position.

Artley pulled away in the last 10 laps to top the LSU swimmer by nearly 13 seconds. UF wrestlers shut out Go. Someone asked wrestling coach Keith Tennant that question after his wrestlers won all ten weight divisions and beat Georgia Friday night. Fresh Freshman man Freshman Artie Haberman. Henry' Jackson also won by a pin over Georgias Wejun Robinson in a match that went into the final seconds of the third- period before scoring a pin.

At that point the score was UF Georgia In the pound class Hobby Roberts, who placed filth in the Southern Open last week, scored eight points in the first period before putting Mike Eberger on his back for a pin. Gator matmen had an easy c fov Quanted. Limited number of two bed" room apartments available S. I thought Jackson Henry and Granowitz Tim looked sharp. Auburn won the SEC wrestling championship! OO to cover postage delivery time is 1 to 2 davs.

LSU wasnt as good as I thought theyd be. Harlan said.

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