Best guns to own before bankruptcy

best guns to own before bankruptcy

Mar 30,  · Last updated March 30, One of the major problems that we face in assisting folks in filing bankruptcy, especially here in Kentucky, is making sure that all guns and related equipment that they own are listed as assets.. Guns and related items, including hunting equipment, are some of the most common recreational items that Kentuckians possess. Does the debtor own the guns? That usually goes without saying, but sometimes there is shared ownership. What is the gun worth? The main challenge with guns in bankruptcy is that they hold value. If the guns are functional they have more than a token value. In addition, most gun owners own more than one gun. It is very easy for a gun owner to. Personally, I own at least one gun in all three calibers, and I’m comfortable with carrying any as a CCW (not a though). Though myand 45’s are full size, and only carried seasonally. My 9mm P spends 75% of its time as the main CCW.

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