Best chapter 13 bankruptcy software

best chapter 13 bankruptcy software

The needs of Chapter 13 practitioners are unique depending on jurisdiction. Best Case offers a more than district-specific custom Chapter 13 Plans for an additional fee. District-specific plans provide: Quick entry of data: Populate your Trustee-approved plan directly in Best Case. Free bankruptcy chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy filing resources. $49 online do it yourself bankruptcy preparation service. Pro Bankruptcy Software full-service online do it yourself bankruptcy preparation with Pro Bankruptcy Software. Plus Pro Bk Software reviews. It handles personal and business filings in Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter LegalPRO has been providing bankruptcy software for over 30 years and provides the best software, service, and support with the most custom integrations for due diligence products and other case management software. Learn more about Jubilee.

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We provide the only automated online chapter 7 bankruptcy software system, at a price everyone can afford. Our easy online bankruptcy software platform was developed with the help and approval of bankruptcy lawyers but we do not claim to be lawyer affiliated or lawyer supervised.

Only a law firm or a lawyer-backed full-service company can provide lawyer supervision since a lawyer can review the documents before sending them to you. If you are the nervous type and do not trust yourself do it using an automated online system, then visit Online Bankruptcy Reviews and select one of the full-service companies that they recommend. Online Bankruptcy Reviews checks out the various providers and lets you know which ones are full-service and which ones are not.

It is your bankruptcy and you deserve to know your choices. How can we boldly ask you to check out the competition? It is easy. Most people can safely use an automated online bankruptcy system to prepare their documents and it is those people that our system is designed for. After comparing us to the others, you will come back to us because we are the best value for your money. If you decide to use them instead of us, then we are glad to have served a need.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, here is what we can do for you. Here are the 3 easy steps to using our online bankruptcy software:. You access our automated system from your browser just as you would any other ordinary web page.

You enter your information right there in your browser. There is no software to install and you do not need to use a word processor. You can change any information that you have already entered and you can save your work on our server simply by clicking on the save icon. You can print your documents as many times as you need to. If after printing you discover another bill that you left out, simply log back in and enter it and then print again.

There is no need to ask us to grant you some special privilege. If you like, you can make 20, changes and reprint 20, times all in one night or in several days. It is entirely up to you, provided it is for your bankruptcy. You cannot use it to run a bankruptcy business. Our automated system has a proprietary checker feature that scans through all of the information that you have entered and checks them to make sure that they are within the acceptable ranges needed for approval.

If something does not check out, the system flags it in red so that you can make changes. Understandably, that is not the same thing as having a pair of eyes looking over the data as you can expect with an attorney or full-service company but it is a lifesaver. This is one more reason why nothing else comes close. We guarantee that your documents will be accepted by the bankruptcy court or your full money back. Our documents include all of the official forms that are required in all 50 states and a few more that we throw in for good measure.

This is a list of the official forms. You do not need a credit report in order to prepare your bankruptcy but if you want one anyway, you can get it for free by clicking here - Free Credit Report. You have heard about computer viruses and worms and how you expose your system to hackers by downloading and installing software from untrusted sources.

You certainly want to stay away from software that installs on your hard drive for fear of turning control of your computer to a malicious programmer. With us, you never have to worry about that since our software is web based. Our online bankruptcy system runs on our own servers, not on your computer, so there is nothing for you to install on your end. You use our software from your browser like you would any other plain web page.

This way, you tap into the power of our system from the safe distance of your browser. If you need to take a break, you can. Just click the save button and the system saves your data on our server so that you can log in again at your convenience to continue. Also, you do not need to have your information organized. Enter it however you like and our online bankruptcy software will organize it exactly the way the court wants it. How quickly can you file your bankruptcy?

That is entirely up to you. If you want to file your bankruptcy one hour from now, you can. This is because, since our easy online chapter 7 bankruptcy software is fully automated, you can print and file your documents whenever you are done entering your basic information. Learn more about National LawForms Bankruptcy. BkAssist View Profile. Bankruptcy petition and case management software that allows to track the claims register, mail documents, locate previous filings.

Learn more about BkAssist. Foreclosure Bankruptcy Software View Profile. Allows loan servicers to take control of the bankruptcy and foreclosure process and provides easy communication with lawyers. Learn more about Foreclosure Bankruptcy Software. QwikFile View Profile. A tool that helps attorneys and individual consumers prepare chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy forms. Learn more about QwikFile. Chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy form preparation solution for paralegals and legal firms.

Learn more about Standard Legal's Professional Edition. I am looking for Bankruptcy Software that is:. Not what you're looking for? Browse Related Software Categories. Legal Document Management. Law Practice Management. Legal Billing. Legal Case Management. Debt Collection. Legal Calendar. Browse All Categories. Compare 0 Bankruptcy products. I switched from a software based program to prepare bankruptcy petitions, to the internet based system offered by the folks at NextChapter.

I really like it. The programing has been well thought out, and seems to be continually refined. A web based system essentially allows you to work on bankruptcy matters from any place that you can access a good internet connection, perhaps the client's home, your office, your home, or a good coffee shop. It is very worthy of your consideration. John Sica Maryland Attorney.

We are very impressed with the program! It is user friendly and easy to navigate through. They are always updating new features in the program and make sure the customers are up to date on what is new with the program.

I would highly recommend NextChapter to any firm, large or small! Make comments on the file. Track status of the case, referral source, upcoming tasks and fees. Effortlessly upload documents to specific cases. Simply drag-and-drop bills, taxes or pay stubs into NextChapter and mark them off the document checklist.

Too busy this week? Let NextChapter become your paralegal team. We contact your client and fill out the bankruptcy forms for you. NextChapter has worked diligently with the bankruptcy court on forms and ECF integration. NextChapter in the News. Legal Technology is Changing. Be at the Cutting Edge. Sign up Today Schedule Demo. Get In Touch hello nextchapterbk. All Rights Reserved.

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