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Nov 18,  · Dallas businessman Baxter Brinkmann bought and developed most of the Box Ranch, but he has never touched Cloyce Box's unfinished mansion. The cement plant went into bankruptcy. Up in smoke. On Author: Alan Peppard. Baxter Brinkmann $9,, To Baxter Brinkmann we say: it’s about time you made the list. Brinkmann, 64, is the founder, owner, and CEO of the Brinkmann Corporation, maker of . FREE Background Report. Check Reputation Score for Baxter Brinkmann in Dallas, TX - View Criminal & Court Records | Photos | Address, Email & Phone Number | Personal Review | Income & Net Worth.

Next, he expanded into oil and gas. The skill set he learned as a hard worker and tough Marine was what he applied to fatherhood. In , he was arrested and a grand jury indicted him on five counts of embezzlement.

The father was not kidding. Don testified and was not implicated in any criminal activity. At the office, he stayed on the payroll but distanced himself from his father. By the time Doug graduated from the University of Texas, he was ready to go into radio and television production. We don't know any of those kinds of people. Doug was about to break with his father's plans when he saw May 13, , headline on the front page of The Wall Street Journal. The problem was that OKC was publicly traded and open to federal scrutiny.

I thought I'd do that for a year or two but I got sucked into the vortex of the family business. His father spent several years fighting civil and criminal charges and finally made a deal.

He was also ordered to liquidate OKC. Box did so. A year later, on Oct. Yet, rather than imploding, he came out of the tangle with the moral equivalent of a slap on the hand. Dad wasn't just the underdog, he was the underdog who won. By , Dallas was glitzy and glamorous due to an oil and real estate boom. To capitalize on it, Cloyce Box partnered with Crow to build a cement plant in Midlothian.

On Oct. On the home front, Box lost his most precious personal asset. On Nov. The entire house was destroyed.

Six days later, billionaire J. Simplot filed his first of many lawsuits against Box. He was the largest stockholder in Box's publicly traded company. When it sold its profitable pipeline to a private firm owned by the Box family, Simplot thought he'd been hustled.

The night before his appointment, Box was in a hotel bed with his wife, Ashley. She awoke and found that her husband was dead. He was vehemently opposed to selling the business. At that time, Doug lived in a guesthouse on the ranch. On Aug. In , Don Box was paralyzed from injuries in a car accident. He died from complications in Using the experience from the turmoil, Doug wrote a book about life on the ranch called Cutter Frisco and the current Texas Patriarch.

He also founded Box Family Advisors. Whether or not we liked it, we were fated to enlist in my father's tumultuous business world. Alan Peppard. Greenhill School and SMU grad. I wanted to go to law school, but law school didn't want me.

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As Gov. Fewer renters are keeping up with their monthly payments. When is a bar a restaurant and a restaurant a bar? Baxter Brinkmann J. Megan M. Cooley Representing Creditor: Jim Cushman. Brown, Trustee 1. Lorax, Chapter 11, Trustee. Henderson County Property Corporation. Greenwall Liquidating Trust. Worth Division. Baxter Brinkmann International Corporation. Baxter Brinkmann Investment Corporation.

Baxter Brinkmann Oil and Gas Corporation. Brinkmann Properties Corporation. Resolute Corporation. Dallas Manufacturing Company, Inc. Pearce Alma, MI fax. Enterprise National Bank of Palm Beach. John H. August 24, November 17, January 01, Lease Agreement in re 57ac. October 12, December 15, January 27, Conveyance of Improvements on 44ac.

May 06, Title Policy Work kB. May 31, Lorax Organizational Chart kB. June 07, November 15, Building Appraisal, Summary kB. December 10, October 18, Cushman v. Order for Severance of Parties and Final Judgment. Lorax Case File 1. February 07, Appointment of Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors. March 28, Appraisal Review and Valuation for Shawn K. Brown, Trustee kB. April 07, April 10, original Order. May 05, May 15, revised Order. May 15, includes Proof of Claims list.

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