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bankruptcy training classes is the ONLY provider of training for Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 courses, we have taught hundreds of assistants, and we can teach you! These bankruptcy petitions can be very confusing to people, but with our training you gain the knowledge to prepare these petitions and receive your Virtual Assistant Certification. BCI’s Practical Bankruptcy Paralegal course is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions with law firms dealing in all types of bankruptcy cases. Accompanied by the e-textbook, Basic Bankruptcy Law for Paralegals this course presents the building blocks of bankruptcy law covering bankruptcy cases from the perspective of the. CM/ECF ONLINE TRAINING MODULES. Please complete all modules in order. Each module is approximately 10 minutes. If you have questions or problems regarding these modules, please contact a member of our training staff. bankruptcy training classes

Students who pay in full for their program will have access to all of their materials once enrolled. Students who enroll under a monthly payment plan will have access to a new unit every month upon making their monthly payment.

You can use your military benefits to enroll in our Correspondence Paralegal Program for Inmates. Simply click here to receive further information about enrolling using your benefits. Objectives a. Provide a history and overview of bankruptcy b. Discuss the Bankruptcy Code and the Bankruptcy Rules c. Explain the role of the paralegal in a bankruptcy practice d. Establish the building blocks of bankruptcy law e. Identify different sources of law, explain how to perform legal research, and give the basics of legal writing f.

Discuss bankruptcy litigation and appeals, from establishing jurisdiction and venue to appealing a case g. Maintain your certification Our Advanced Paralegal Courses are designed for both professional development and to meet the continuing legal education CLE needs of practicing paralegals.

International Student Policy:. International, Alaskan, Hawaiian and Canadian students are required to participate under the full payment plan only.

Students have 6 months to complete their course. Is your school accredited? Can these courses be used for continuing education? How much is tuition? Are there physical textbooks included in the program? How do I enroll? How do course materials release online? Each advanced paralegal studies course has been reviewed by NALS - the association of legal professionals, and can be applied to the five-year PLS and PP recertification.

Enroll Now. Free Resources. My Bankruptcy School is the most comprehensive and detailed course you will find in preparing a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy petition. As a student, you receive the following:. There are two distinct components to every online Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition training course:. Once you enroll you are granted immediate access to the online school where you can watch videos, listen to audios from previous classes, download the training materials, and take online quizzes and exams.

Simply call one of our instructors, set up an appointment, and all of your questions are addressed; or send an email or post a message to our ListServ. As an active student you receive three months 90 days of access to the online school upon enrollment. After 90 days, your login will be suspended. If you wish to remain an active student, simply complete the form and fax to us. This higher level of training will enable most students to immediately begin preparing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions after the course is completed.

Utilizing the skills students learn from our intensive online web training courses, students will be able to curtail most if not all Deficiency Notices issued by the Trustee after the Meeting. This alone is worth more than the price of the course. Students will also learn skills to cross-check their bankruptcy petition. This enables our students to be aware of potential problems and possible objections to the filing PRIOR to filing the petition.

The courses are designed to be understood by beginners, but include the complexity needed for advanced students. The course allows those who have been trained in adhoc, traditional training methods of the past to apply their present knowledge and advance their skills through the comprehensive lessons they learn in the Chapter 7 and 13 Petition Training Courses.

Plus, beginners gain the advantage of learning it properly right from the start.

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