Bankruptcy rules 7001 form

bankruptcy rules 7001 form

Any corporation that is a party to an adversary proceeding, other than the debtor or a governmental unit, shall file two copies of a statement that identifies any corporation, other than a governmental unit, that directly or indirectly owns 10% or more of any class of the corporation's equity interests, or states that there are no entities to report under this subdivision. The rules in Part VII govern the procedural aspects of litigation involving the matters referred to in this Rule Under Rule some of the Part VII rules also apply to contested matters. These Part VII rules are based on the premise that to the extent possible practice before the bankruptcy courts and the district courts should be the same. These rules either incorporate or are adaptations of most of the Federal Rules . Rule Scope of Rules of Part VII | Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure. Rule Scope of Rules of Part VII. An adversary proceeding is governed by the rules of this Part VII. The following are adversary proceedings: (1) a proceeding to recover money or property, other than a proceeding to compel the debtor to deliver property to the trustee, or a proceeding under § (b) or .

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