Bankruptcy chapter 7 texas katy

bankruptcy chapter 7 texas katy

Our Katy bankruptcy lawyers can give you advice on which one is right for you when you call for a free consultation, but here is a beginner’s guide to understanding the differences: Chapter 7 This is the type that most people are familiar with when they think about filing for  · Complete the Bankruptcy Forms. The forms you have to complete when filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Texas are either national forms (and the same in every state) or local forms that are specific to your district. Both sets of documents can be obtained for free online. Some of the information required for the bankruptcy forms to be ready for filing Chapter 7 in Texas is general in Chapter 7 bankruptcy is commonly referred to as a liquidation bankruptcy whereas Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often referred to as a reorganization bankruptcy. Individuals who have a regular income or make more than a certain threshold may only be eligible to file for Chapter 13

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