Bankruptcy bid in stavropol

bankruptcy bid in stavropol

Stavropol, city and administrative centre of Stavropol kray (territory), southwestern Russia, situated on the Stavropol Upland near the source of the Grachovka was founded in as a fortress. Although it was at first a major route and administrative centre, the city was later bypassed by the Rostov–Baku railway, and its original functions declined. Stavropol definition: a city in SW Russia: founded as a fortress in Pop: ( est) | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Bid increment – 2,, rubles. Biddings will be held at the electronic trading platform of JSC the Auction House of the Russian Federation (ETP AHRF) ( The object located in block of buildings limited by Klyuchevaya St, Marshal Blyukher Ave, Piskarevskiy Ave, in the 1st line relatively Klyuchevaya St, on. bankruptcy bid in stavropol

Stavropol krai Stavropolskiy is a federal subject of Russia located in the central part of Ciscaucasia and on the northern slope of the Greater Caucasus in the North-Caucasian Federal District. Stavropol is the capital city of the region.

More posts.. The most ancient archaeological finds date back to the 4th millennium BC. Later, from to , this territory was part of the ancient state called the Khazar Khaganate. Approximately in the 8th century, with the weakening of the Khazar Kaganate, the medieval state of the Alans appeared here. In , a significant part of the plain Alania was captured by the Mongols, and this state as a political entity ceased to exist.

More historical facts…. In , according to the decree of Catherine II, the Azov-Mozdok defensive line was founded, which gave rise to colonization of the Ciscaucasia and the North Caucasus. The territory of the Stavropol region became part of Astrakhan oblast. In November , the fortress called Stavropolskaya was founded. In , about retired soldiers lived there. In , in connection with the development of Ciscaucasia, the Caucasian guberniya province was created that included the Caucasian and Astrakhan regions.

Since that time, Stavropol officially became one of the six county-level towns of the Caucasus region. With the development of the Ciscaucasia, Stavropol was gaining an increasing importance as an important trade and transit center.

It became a kind of the main gate of the Caucasus. In , the Caucasian province was transformed into an oblast and Stavropol became its center. After the defeat of the Decembrist uprising, a lot of its participants were sent here. In - , Mikhail Lermontov, exiled to the Caucasus, visited Stavropol several times.

Annually within summer vacations, our students have a rest in a sport camp at the Black Sea coast. The Academy has a sport complex with meters' swimming pool, two sport halls, three gyms, and an outdoor basketball court.

One of the main components of health of the young people is their nutrition. For this purpose, canteens and refreshment rooms are opened in the educational buildings and students' hostels.

The Academy has four students' hostels with furnished apartments for persons. Kitchens are equipped with all necessary facilities. There are shower rooms, washing rooms at the hostels. Stavropol Regional Clinical Center of specialized types of care Regional Clinical Hospital is a hospital and polyclinic complex. The hospital was founded in , and since has become to serve as the regional medical facility.

Qualified, dedicated, high-tech, consultative, diagnostic and rehabilitative care are here. Today, the hospital has 11 medical-diagnostic departments surgery, intensive care and anesthesiology, rheumatology, therapy department, laboratory, emergency room with radiation, ultrasound, functional and endoscopic diagnosis. Outpatient Coloproctology Center opened in , which provides assistance to patients with this complex pathology at the most advanced scientific level.

Burn and brucellosis centers are in the hospital. Physiotherapy Clinic is a major subdivision. The hospital has all the conditions for high-quality patient care. The hospital is a multidisciplinary health care setting, providing round the clock routine and emergency medical care to the population of the city.

The hospital has a multihull structure: six cases of medical, administrative, laboratory housing, kitchen, utility structures. Each year more than 15, patients treated at the hospital. The hospital staff includes people. Medical care in the hospital is in the following departments: surgery, otolaryngology, neurology, acute coronary syndrome, cardiology, intensive care and anesthesiology, endocrinology, geriatric. Stavropol Regional Clinical Perinatal Centre - a leading health care institution, which provides highly skilled obstetric care to women of cities and districts of the region, is a birthing hospital III degree of risk.

Perinatal Center celebrated its 70th anniversary in Approximately births occur annually in the walls of institutions, the majority of women with severe extragenital pathology and complications of pregnancy. Power perinatal center is beds obstetric and gynecological. In addition, there is a separation of 60 newborn beds. Department of Pathology pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, neonatal department, department of operative and conservative gynecology are in the structure of the perinatal center.

The institution operates 95 doctors, nurses. Among the staff of the center is the candidate of medical sciences. The composition of Oncology Center includes outpatient department, with visits per shift, and the hospital to beds. In the outpatient department employs the following specialized rooms: 2 abdominal, thoracic, 3 breast, skin tumors, two gynecological, 2 tumors of the head and neck, hematological, urological. In the hospital has the following departments: thoracic surgery, 5 surgical oncology, 2 chemotherapy, hematology, 3 radiological, anesthesiology and intensive care.

Here are diagnosed with cancer using endoscopy, radiation, radioisotope methods, patient assessment and treatment of cancer and precancer patients is advisory and diagnostic services to the population at the edge of outpatient department. You will be accommodated in one of the dormitories of Stavropol State Medical Academy.

There are no common cooking utensils. You should take your own towels. You don't need to take bed clothes. We provide one hot meal dinner per day 5 days a week. Views Page Discussion View source History. Jump to: navigation , search. Personal tools Log in. This page was last modified on 7 June , at This page has been accessed 62, times.

Stavropol State Medical University was founded in Since that time thousands of highly skilled specialists working all over the world were prepared at the University. Their successful career growth is the pride of our University. The University is situated in the large administrative, industrial, agricultural, scientific and cultural centre — the city of Stavropol which is considered a pearl of the South of Russia.

Throughout several centuries the representatives of more than nationalities with their original culture and traditions live there in peace and confidence.

Nowadays, the University is one of the authoritative educational and scientific medical centres of our country. In all activity spheres of the University were licensed and the State Accreditation Certificate was received.

Sorry, your browser doesn't support this video. Video about StSMU. Our graduates work in different places of our country and abroad, they are the trademark of the University. Many of them head scientific research institutes, laboratories, faculties and higher school chairs.

There are 7 faculties in the University where 4 Russian and foreign students from 33 countries of the world are trained. In in Stavropol State Medical University new lines for preparation of specialists are opened: defectology, biology, biotechnology, physical training for persons with health deviations, economics, social work. Many scientific research papers having great value for practical public health submitted to various congresses have found wide international recognition.

The University is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools published by the World Health Organization WHO which enables our graduates to hold a job in any country of the world after taking national examinations. There is an Internet centre within the library. The University has 4 students' hostels, a sports complex with a swimming pool, gyms and sauna.

There is a sports camp on the Black Sea coast of the North Caucasus, where our teachers and students have a rest every year. Within 50 years the University trains foreign students. During this time the University has prepared 1, physicians, residents and interns for 77 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Stavropol State Medical University is listed in the World Directory of medical schools published by the World Health Organization WHO that gives the chance to graduates to get a job in any country of the world after passing the national exam.

In , the English-speaking Medium was opened in the University, where the training is conducted in English. The University has the modern material and technical base, allowing to provide a high educational level. Four buildings of the University are equipped with modern learning and medical technics, computer classes, and electronic library. The training is carried out according to the curricula that are specially adapted to the national programs of foreign students and authorized by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia.

The University has 4 educational buildings, a dentistry out-patient department, an eye microsurgery clinic and a borderline psychic disorders clinic.

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