Bankruptcy attorney nevada

bankruptcy attorney nevada

Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Las Vegas, Nevada is the 2nd most popular choice of BK Filers in Clark County, Nevada. Additionally, filing a Chapter 13 in Las Vegas,NV immediately “stays” or stops any creditor action as the “Automatic Stay” goes into effect upon 13 bankruptcy fixes debt problems as: Garnishments, Foreclosure, Liens, Repossession, Bank Levies, Seizures, and. Take Credit Counseling. In order to be eligible to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Nevada, you have to take a credit counseling course. The purpose of the course is to make sure you are aware of the debt relief options you have both in and outside of the bankruptcy context. Everyone filing bankruptcy in Nevada must complete a course like it because the Bankruptcy Code states that you are not. While Nevada bankruptcy is often a last resort, it provides considerable relief and an opportunity to start over financially. Seek a bankruptcy attorney you can depend on The Law Office of Sean P. Patterson is a fully licensed and insured legal practice in Reno, NV, that can provide you with a lawyer for local representation in bankruptcy matters.

Keep in mind, filing for bankruptcy in Henderson or Las Vegas is not a financial death sentence. Plus, the assistance of the right bankruptcy lawyer will be beneficial as it helps you eliminate stress, resolve most of your debts, stop creditor harassment, and emerge from proceedings financially on a sound footing. Additionally, Erik has a great reputation as a Las Vegas debt relief lawyer. Plus, his status is because of his dedication to his clients and his knowledge of the bankruptcy chapters, bankruptcy courts, and bankruptcy laws in Nevada.

Also, Erik personally does the initial consultation with you and takes your case all the way through to discharge.

Therefore, every step of the way, this dedicated Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney works with you. Call and speak with Erik Severino about how to eliminate your debt and how to begin rebuilding your credit after declaring bankruptcy.

Remember, Initial consultations are free and can be handled in one of our area Las Vegas offices or via telephone. Your choice. Our Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer and his team look forward to assisting you. Filing for bankruptcy protection with our Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer will result in a clean slate of your finances.

Plus, most Chapter 7 cases provide a fresh start by eliminating debt granted by a bankruptcy discharge. Also, our professional attorneys at Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyers will do more than the filing and documentation. Therefore, an experienced attorney will guide you through the entire Chapter 7 process from beginning to end. Additionally, Vegas Bankruptcy lawyers will explain the Chapter 7 process and protect your rights as a debtor.

Plus, our experienced Las Vegas Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney has filed thousands of bankruptcies for people in Las Vegas. Therefore, contact our law firm to find out of you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.

Call Las Vegas Chapter 7 bankruptcy is part of the federal bankruptcy law. Plus, having a Nevada chapter 7 bankruptcy petition approved will let you get rid of many financial obligations through a bankruptcy discharge. Additionally, keeping most of your personal property and alleviating debt is the principal benefit of a Nevada chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Also, Chapter 7 bankruptcy stops creditors and other debt collection personnel from hounding you with collection calls. Plus, if you have judgements or garnishments, collection efforts legally have to stop once you file for chapter 7 protection in Clark County Las Vegas.

Are you facing a situation that requires immediate attention? Are creditors harassing you and calling you all the time? Do you need your bankruptcy filed to stop a garnishment, save your home from foreclosure, or prevent a repossession?

We make your bankruptcy affordable for your financial situation. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the second most popular chapter of bankruptcy in Nevada. Thus, chapter 13 bankruptcy is something that may work better for people who have regular income. Whereas, our Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer can assist.

Also, in a chapter 13 bankruptcy, a person files a plan with the federal bankruptcy court and agrees to pay all debts such as car loans, mortgage arrears, and unseen debts in an affordable monthly payment plan over a three to five-year period.

Our Nevada bankruptcy lawyer works with you and stays on the case from start to finish throughout the chapter 13 filing which could take up to five years.

She frequently saw the legal complexities people face when making these transactions during Claimed Lawyer Profile Social Media. Rodney K. We protect the rights of the "everyday person" against big insurance corporations and banks.

My mission is to help you, my client, find a solution to your problem. Whether the solution is to negotiate a settlement, battle it out in a court or to file a bankruptcy, I approach your problem using both legal and practical considerations. Having over 11 years of legal experience with hundreds of personal injury cases and thousands of bankruptcy cases, raising a family together with my wife and owning a Gordon R.

Gordon focuses on cases pertaining to business litigation, business reorganization, bankruptcy, litigation, small business restructuring, business insolvency, personal insolvency, real estate law, claims recovery, asset sales and acquisitions, and commercial law. He has a strong background in corporate and small business restructuring and insolvency and also has a range of experience with contract and lease issues in the bankruptcy context. Goolsby counsels clients through bankruptcy matters, distressed loans and loan transactions.

As a former law clerk Cimarron Rd. He currently represents and is heavily involved in the careers of a number of musical artists, including Nashville recording artist and grammy nominee Tim Murphy www. Stephen R. I have practiced law primarily in the chapter 11 business-bankruptcy arena for over 40 years in Northern Nevada.

At age fifteen I worked for James E. Rogers, Esq. Being in the presence of Jim Rogers on a nearly daily basis for over 3 years motivated me to go to college and then attend law school.

Jim Rogers was my mentor, constantly encouraging me. I was able to The Law Office of Roger A. Attorney Roger A. He has helped the Family Court settle hundreds of cases William C. Rainbow Blvd. Las Vegas , NV Attorney William Devine, II is a strong advocate of consumer rights.

William understands that Bankruptcy is not something any individual looks forward to filing, but knows that in many cases it is the path to a fresh start. Every client has specific needs, and William is known for being the attorney that takes the time to understand those needs.

Born and raised in the small rural town of Hempstead, Texas, William has Erik Severino Lake Mead Blvd. More About Erik Severino: Once a client retains my office, you are not only retaining my firm, but, more importantly, you are retaining me. I will be your attorney through the entire process. I will be your attorney in court. Let my experience of thousands of successfully filed bankruptcies work for you. I strive to not only be the best bankruptcy attorney in general, but Ellsworth is an arbitrator and has served in over cases.

Ellsworth served as a mediator on the Foreclosure Mediation Panel, which was created Boyd School of Law and University of Windsor.

View Website View Lawyer Profile. Tara believes in the rule of law, and has dedicated her professional life to helping others, as both a police officer and an attorney. As a police officer she investigated crimes, pursued criminals and sought to improve the quality of life for the community she served. Now as an attorney, her passion and conviction has not changed. She dedicates a significant amount of time to Kevin is admitted to practice before all state and federal courts in Nevada and California.

Kevin has had numerous jury trials in Nevada and California with excellent results. His jury trials have involved automobile accidents, slip and fall cases, Specializing in litigation, real estate transactions, bankruptcies, and personal injury. As a courtroom litigator, Mr. Zakalik represented financial institutions in lawsuits brought by homeowners Martin Crowley has been practicing law in Nevada since He practices in a wide range of areas including bankruptcy, adoption, divorce, personal injury, criminal defense and more.

Wills and trusts as well as probate and estates is a large part of Mr. Are you being harassed by creditor phone calls? Do you feel stressed with your debt? Sean P. When facing insurmountable debt, you need to understand available options and be able to decide whether filing bankruptcy is a viable answer for your financial problems.

We offer a payment plan that makes our quality services affordable. Recent changes in bankruptcy laws stiffened eligibility requirements for people filing Chapter 7 and made the bankruptcy process more complicated. Changes in the law now require that debtors:. When considering a bankruptcy, you need to know which type best suits your financial situation — Chapter 7, 11, or

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