Asheville property after bankruptcy

Asheville property after bankruptcy

After your bankruptcy discharge is granted, you are no longer legally obligated on your discharged debts. It’s not uncommon to see your credit score improve by points 12 months after your discharge. When you hire me as your bankruptcy attorney, I stick by you after your discharge. What does this mean to you? Bankruptcy Discharge. A bankruptcy lawyer will evaluate your income and tell you whether you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or, the amount you’d pay in a Chapter 13 plan. You’ll also learn what will happen to your property and debt. After meeting with a knowledgeable lawyer, you’ll feel confident in your decision to file for bankruptcy. Looking for a Lawyer? What are the bankruptcy exemptions near Asheville and in Western North Carolina? The bankruptcy exemptions were recently expanded in North Carolina to include: $35, equity in a homestead, $3, in a motor vehicle, $5, in household items, and a $5, wildcard to be used for other property. These amounts typically double for joint filers. Asheville property after bankruptcy

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He told exactly what to expect and took care of all my questions and made sure I understood. He took a very stressful situation and handled it perfectly all the way to the end.

Todd Mosley gets my highest recommendation. Todd not only provides excellent service and knowledge regarding the ins and outs of bankruptcy law, but also understands the nuances of the trustees assigned. His clients are not just a case number.

There is compassion, patience, and understanding. He helps the client run through various scenarios to discover what should provide the best possible outcome in your specific situation. I would recommend him to anyone I know who needed to consider bankruptcy. Mosley Law Firm, P.

Have questions? I've got answers. Contact me to get started. Suite E, Asheville. Main Street 12, Waynesville. Overwhelmed with Debt? Start Fresh. Learn How. After Bankruptcy. Client Reviews. Rene D. Protect your assets, simplify your finances, and get the help you and your family are entitled to under the law. I help clients surrounding Asheville file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 and Chapter My clients come from all walks of life — from retirees who saw their home equity wiped away, to young families overwhelmed by credit card and medical debt, to homeowners frustrated by having to wait on a loan modification decision from their bank to prevent foreclosure.

I will only recommend a bankruptcy case if it is in your financial best interests to do so. People frequently continue to make minimum payments month after month while believing common myths about bankruptcy. Gathering information is essential to breaking out of this cycle, and financial tools are available which can aid your recovery.

You can recover, and I can help get you started. We take great pride representing consumers in bankruptcy proceedings. The information available on or through this web page is not intended and shall not be used as a substitute for the advice and consultation provided by an Asheville North Carolina bankruptcy lawyer.

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