Arkansas chapter 13 bankruptcy questions

arkansas chapter 13 bankruptcy questions

Hire Caddell Reynolds to Handle Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case. If you would like to discuss Chapter 13 bankruptcy call the experienced Arkansas debt relief lawyers at Caddell Reynolds for help at When you call, you will speak with one of our top Arkansas bankruptcy attorneys absolutely FREE. An individual cannot file under chapter 13 or any other chapter if, during the preceding days, a prior bankruptcy petition was dismissed due to the debtor's willful failure to appear before the court or comply with orders of the court or was voluntarily dismissed after creditors sought relief from the bankruptcy court to recover property. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Arkansas. As bankruptcy attorneys, we know that Chapter 13 is commonly referred to as a “wage earner’s reorganization”. It allows people, within certain debt limitations, to consolidate and reorganize their debts and protect secured property necessary to .

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The Chapter 13 Repayment Process - Learn About Law

Search Site for Information:. Search for:. Contact the Flynn Law Firm Today. Last Name. What types of bills do you have? Credit Cards. Medical Bills. Income Taxes. Home Mortgages. Student Loans. Auto Loans. Personal Loans. Court Fines.

Many states and local governments stayed evictions due to the pandemic so that may be applicable in some manner. It would be best to consult with a BK attorney to explore what options are best I have no money as im going through hard time what do I do? You should consult a bankruptcy attorney who can review your entire financial situation and advise you from there.

View More Answers. My gross adjusted income was 88, I have 3 children and take care of my 2 in-laws. My bills are current only because I move money around to make all the payments but no matter how much I work and overtime I put in, the debt keeps climbing. There is not a direct answer on that. If you are above that income which you are you are subject to you must take and pass the means test to file Chapter 7.

We could run the means test calculation and see of you passed Ch 7 or failed Because I'm a single mother an if they garnish my wages I won't survive the reason behind the law suit is 2 cars got repossessed one because I lost my job at the time an 2 I was trying help my daughter who was in college an just got behind I'm human it happens n people like this You need to call a bankruptcy lawyer.

Filing bankruptcy will help with all the issues you mentioned in your question. Yes sir my name is Todd Buie. Got a quick question??? All this stuff is from around I got into some trouble an had to do around 3 years in prison. I been out for a couple years, no trouble You cannot discharge the old fines not can you discharge the student loans.

The medical bills should be dischargeable. Possibly, yes, depending on the circumstances. You should contact a competent practitioner to review all hour options. His granddad took out this endowment before he died. Can he file bankruptcy in You need to have your son consult an experienced bankruptcy attorney to handle this. He can NOT do tho himself. How much does it cost to file Bankruptcy? How long does it take for the Bankruptcy case to clear? Your lawyer will provide it.

The atv was left at a house that I no longer have contact with that person. So what will happen If you cannot produce the collateral, you may have to pay the fair market value for ito loss. Consult and attorney about converting to a chapter 7. None of her other employees missed a check. She held check for over 3 months. We filed in small claims court. When she came to court, she told the judge she had his check, but filed for bankruptcy.

Judge would not hear anything else. Bankruptcy has been discharged. Can she be held accountable thru Everyone should have been given notice of the bankruptcy and an opportunity to appear. Employee wages are generally not dischargeable as a Schedule E debt. Depends on the date of the taxes. He continues to harass my spouse and I.

Today, he yelled at my wife and nailed a For Sale sign on our front gate. Is this legal? It is a violation of the automatic stay and you should ask the court to sanction him. I have contacted them and they have told me they can't reimburse me any money back. It was a laser treatment I had purchased in advance. If the franchiser has filed bankruptcy, all you can do is file a proof of claim. If they have not filed bankruptcy, you can go file a criminal complaint for theft by failure to make required disposition of property.

I have a trailer renter who was being faced with foreclosure back in may and lost. Well in June the same renter filed for bankruptcy.

Now the mortgage company won't come for the trailer since it's in bankruptcy. Is there anything I can do?

arkansas chapter 13 bankruptcy questions

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