50 shades of grey book chapter 14 bankruptcy

50 shades of grey book chapter 14 bankruptcy

Apr 17,  · 50 Shades Darker Chapter 13 which is blessedly short. In the rough draft of my book, chapter 13 was the one where things went to hell. This was totally unintentional and incredibly appropriate and I'm a little sad that once the editing is done it will almost definitely no longer be chapter . Apr 14,  · I was just beginning to recover when E.L. James lowered the boom this month, announcing the imminent arrival of Grey, a page rewriting of Fifty Shades from Christian Grey. If – like me – you wanted more after you read the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, this blog is for you. I write fan fiction based on E L James's gripping books and more. Fifty Shades Meander is a multi chapter story that continues in the same vein as the originals and, along with some one shot stories, are found in the sidebar.

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The Gentleman Reads... Fifty Shades of Grey - Chapter 14 - Accents!

Symbols All Symbols. Theme Wheel. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Between Shades of Gray , which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

Lina wakes up in the dark and hears a noise outside. She looks out to see a very badly beaten Andrius. She jumps down out of the car to help him, and Lina and others help hoist him up. Lina is then pulled up without the guards noticing. When Lina sees the horrible injuries that Andrius has sustained from the guards, she feels even more hatred for the NKVD than before.

Despite the earlier hostilities between Lina and Andrius, she is sympathetic to anyone who is at the mercy of the NKVD. Like Lina, Andrius longs to find his father, but unlike her, he cannot find him and gets caught doing so.

The NKVD will use any excuse to exact brute force upon the deportees. Active Themes. Cite This Page. Home About Story Contact Help. LitCharts uses cookies to personalize our services. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and Terms of Service. Previous Chapter His lips make it to my ear, nipping and licking me closer to the building quake inside of me. I take the not so subtle hint and band my legs around him.

Without preamble he fills me, pounding hard and I take every thick slide of him drilling me to the slippery tiles. A tenacious finger dives between us, quickening my clitoris with expert pressure.

My senses are so overwhelmed all I can do is hold on for the inevitable shattering. His head bends to my chest where his tongue swipes across the ink — worshipping his name, written these as a sign of his possession.

I splinter into a million pieces, forgetting myself, only aware of him pulsing wildly inside me. Holy cow! Was it always like this?

So intense? I rake my memories while we catch our breaths, his face in my neck with my arms holding him there. He pushes back my hair, his fingers finding and releasing hairpins as they go before he starts washing it, massaging my head with his glorious strong fingers. He keeps his focus trained on his hands working my scalp and takes a steeling breath.

Honest and romantic, what more can a girl want? My heart jams with emotion for him, packed full — I feel the same way. I decide there and then not to sully our new union with mind games and reservations.

I want to give him the gift of certainty. There was a time when he would refuse to believe that he was worth loving. We slip on fluffy white robes and Christian waits while I twist my hair in a towel.

He takes my hand and we share a besotted look before we head to the lounge, ditching the idea of the formal table for dinner. It comes as no surprise that the food is stunning. While we eat we slip effortlessly into chatting. Christian tells me about his trip to Seoul and he seems pleased with the outcome even though the whole ordeal sounds insanely stressful however, you would never say it looking at the fantastically handsome and relaxed man in front of me.

My lips tug into a smile which he instantly answers with a questioning brow, probably because of the rosy flush accompanying it.

I drop my watch as my teeth find my lip. His fingers are quick to release it, pinching it gently away. He cocks his head, amused. He laughs out loud at my big, stunned eyes nearly popping out of my head. Now that the issue has come up the question is burning a hole in my brain. A beseeching look has replaced the playful one from a second ago and I feel my pulse jumping with unease. Wow, that has to be a personal best for me.

It only took me what, three hours to screw up? I suck in some air. As realisation filters through my natural instinct to blame myself for everything, I see an opportunity. I have to hit him with the large doses of the reassurance that he still needs.

He sits down on the thick carpet and pulls me off the couch, onto his lap. I lodge my head under his chin, my ear to his heart. After a breath and a swallow I start. Christian Grey, insatiable sex beast has not had sex in over two years! I venture further into the enigmatic and private head of Christian Grey, encouraged by his last answer. Making myself smaller as the familiar shame tears through me.

I tried so hard. I straighten, turning to face him. Hey presto! You wanted him angry! Do you want me to be mad, to yell? Hit you, what? What would it take to get you to back off from this subject?

I feel the same. The desperate lilt scratches at the raw places on my heart. It reminds me that we may never overcome his self-loathing issues. Thank goodness for his mercurial ways. He tucks me back under his chin and strokes my back with his fingertips. After a beat or two he restarts. I close my eyes, wishing I could fast forward through this part.

She… repulsed me. It was a shock. At you, at my birthmother, at myself — the whole world and the urge to beat the crap out of something came back with a vengeance. Girls that were known on the scene for enjoying heavy punishment. My heart has stammered into my throat, blocking my airway. I drove him to violence. He loses himself for a while, maybe choosing his words before he resumes in his quiet way. Not one bit and I just hated myself more.

I started seeing Bastille twice a day, hit the gym over weekends and ran. I ran like I could outrun your shadow in my head. It explains why his body is in such great shape but every twist and turn of his tales leaves me more remorseful, gutting me open a little wider each time.

I would only know if you dated someone. Single dates and one-night-stands might be harder to uncover. I know that my abstinence will go a long way to prove my words of contrition. Dr Shawn was the closest it got and like I said before, I only saw him as a friend. I hug back — hard and close my eyes against the hopelessness I felt over the weekend, thinking that we were over.

I was fighting it with everything I had and you just decimated it, like it was nothing. I gasp, experiencing his words like a blow and I decide to share the feeling as I punch him on his arm. He pulls the cover off the bed and I drop my robe, turning the summer rain in his eyes to storm in an instant. A tantalising shiver urges me to give myself willingly to his demand. My naked body wakes up in a tangle of sheets and an empty bed.

Images of the previous night tease my mind and I replay the sensual film in my head. Wow, no wonder my body feels so well used. I blink before I realise that the sparkle is coming from my hand. My sex dazed brain struggles to figure out what it is so I lift my hand for closer inspection and lose my breath. How did I forget that Christian gave me this last night — or rather early morning?

A deep V borrows into my forehead as I try to recall what happened after Christian made slow, beautiful love to me. I remember my lax body only having enough energy to turn into his inviting spoon before promptly falling asleep in his arms.

Did he slip it onto my finger while I was sleeping so that I could wake up to the surprise? Excitement bubbles in my veins and I jump out of bed, eager to show my appreciation. I hold a sheet to my chest and hunt for my romantic man. I find him fully dressed, looking delicious and on the phone.

His look sends shockwaves pulsing through my body. Tonight then. I feel myself warm and unfurl under his steamy adoration. With fluid grace he closes the distance between us, His full mouth arranged in a sinfully sexy grin. All thoughts of thanking him vanish as he pries my fingers from the sheet, leaving it billowing to the floor. His hands run the length of my sides — from the sides of my breasts to the flare of my hips.

Link to chapter Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. Mmmmmm…I would love to be Anastasia right about now. Fantastic writing once again. I wonder though about something, did Ana register Christian as the father at birth? I keep thinking about it a lot. With more time and less anxiety about the story the second time around read is fabulous!

You write so well Monique, thank you. Well done. Thank you very much! I an illustration artist. It would be interesting to work with you on some of your stories. If this is something that interests you feel free to get in touch. Your writing is fantastic! I started reading your story three months ago.

Happy New Year! Wish to read more from you in Same old thing as in the story is the same thing as the book? I am writing about the movie. Anyway, on to the movie. I do like Jaime. I think the biggest problem was the editing. I have seen things on the trailers that were not in the movie although they should have been.

In the movie she just puts out her hands. It seemed so much was missing that needed to be there. I too read all three books at the same time…about six or seven times so I know the books very well. I always thought the second book was the best and it may be so with the movies as well. My husband thought it was boring. And it may have been because so much was missing. I love the essence of the story and I am hooked. Yes, I think you mailed it there.

And love the long-lasting marriage! That is awesome, Barbara! This aroused me so much and I wish my boyfriend would use his moist wood like this on me! As a man getting a little on in years and obviously coming from Mars it is sooooooo exciting and enlightening to read good sex from the female perspective.

I think I have learned a thing or 2, and will be putting them to the test shortly …… Thank you, Monique. Hi I just found this story.. Iam bit disappointed that no one ask Ana will she ever reveal to CG that he have a son.. If he never run into them will she ever thought of letting him know.. I think CG suffer the most and everyone not mad at her.. I was really hoping someone give her a reality check what she did.. Insight how CG suffer of her doing..

She so selfish.. Hey, Reinee. Thank you for your feedback. Two things: firstly, there is no story without the angst and drama: it is what makes the journey back together interesting, and secondly, it is just fiction. Christian too has a lot to learn and he too works on himself to be even better.

Great writing! Better than the original… one thing so far… I feel like a 3kt ring while extravagant for the rest of us but from a gazillionaire who like to splurge on His wife is very minimal. High praise, Kris. Thank you for your kind comment. I hear you, but I gave that some serious thought. Remember that an engagement band is for everyday, all-the-time wear, a man, even one as rich as Christian, has to be practical, especially when purchasing for a modest, reluctant shopper like Ana.

Anything bigger and it becomes hard to wear, a diamond bigger will not only be cumbersomely heavy, but ostentatious enough to draw the wrong kind of attention muggers etc , and the very last thing I believe CG will do is put her in any sort of danger, but also, for every day wear, a big ring like that, especially in a claw setting, will hook on random things very annoying and be in the way.

Oh em ghee. This chapter made me cum 3 times, i cant stop reading and its not good for my marriage. Now when im aroused i make my husband read me more chapters instead of playing with me.

I need to know. Did it have to take me forever to find your website? This is so amazing! Good stuff Monique. Hello Monique, just re-reading Meander again, I have my favourite chapters which I go back to now and again. This is still a brilliant story, well done again for taking on your version of FSOG.

Hope you and the family are all well. Thank you for taking another crack at Meander. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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I travel not to experience what's out there. If - like me - you wanted more after you read the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, this blog is for you. I write fan fiction based on E L James's gripping books and more.

Fifty Shades Meander is a multi chapter story that continues in the same vein as the originals and, along with some one shot stories, are found in the sidebar. I also host a book club on Sundays. This blog contains mature content - strictly over 18's! Twitter: kerecb Instagram: kerecb. Please be aware this blog will have mature content. Just here to read stories and write a few.

I do some fan fiction on 50 shades of grey I don't not own any of the rights every thing including the basic story line and all characters belong to E L James author of 50 shades of grey. I just love the book. This is just a few fun fan fictions that I came up with. I just decided to take a new spin on the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. I do not own any of the characters.

The original story and all ideas belong to E. Oh my! Oh my fucking my! Surely not! He sighs, his mouth tugging into a smile that he tries valiantly to curb. Please, continue. Anyone in your life? He kisses my lips ever so softly before boring into me again, searching the depths of my soul. Be kind and review, please. Like this: Like Loading October 22, at AM. Monique Lain says:. Alissa says:. May 1, at PM.

50 shades of grey book chapter 14 bankruptcy

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